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ebay tax online

eBay will not increase the fee for Digital Services Tax

I am not sure if eBay is being fair to sellers or eBay wants to keep their sellers happy but you will be surprised to note that eBay has announced that eBay will not increase the fee for sellers inorder to cover the Digital services tax of 2% This is a good news and may […]

eBay introduced micro-payments options as promotions 5p + 15% fee

As most sellers are aware about the PayPal micro payment options which helps to cut the paypal fee if you are selling low value item however this was missing in the manage payment offered by ebay but it looks like ebay has now realsied this and they have started testing the new payment options as […]

Amazon Launched Account Health Score (Beta)

So finally Amazon has decided to give access to Amazon health rating to sellers, those who doenst know about the ratings, It is an evaluation of your account and it gives a clear picture to Amazon investigator about your Account and they can decide how to handle your complaint , If your score is very […]

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