AQI Service Providing Quality Control Services Since 2004. AQI will do Product Inspection and also Laboratory Testing Services for thousands of different products from China & Asia. Company focus exclusively on quality control. Today hundreds of clients worldwide have selected to trust AQI Service as their partner for supply chain Management. Booking process for inspection is inquiry, send specifications and also relevant information, inspection booking form and also checklist, schedule inspection, perform quality inspection, report, Q&A and also payment. Products that can be inspected include soft lines, hard lines, furniture, bags, toys, electronics, textiles, clothing and more. Pricing range for service in between $198 to $300 depends on different countries.

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ShelfTrend offers live eBay marketplace with massive inventory and also sales. ShelfTrend is the eBay analytics tool that over 35,000 sellers have chosen to guide them in growing and also protecting their eBay sales.

You can use ShelfTrend’s reports to:

  1. Discover an untapped niche with proven sales.
  2. Watch competitors and also get to know their selling strategies.
  3. Troubleshoot business issues by checking yourself against others selling in the same space.
  4. Get to know your online buyer and also their product preferences.
  5. Determine how to price your products.
  6. Respond to new threats before they impact your search rank and also sales.
  7. Monitor your eBay search rank.

ShelfTrend is used by to validate product range. Features and also pricing assumptions by providing an overview of the defined market. Revealing niche opportunities, and also in-demand products. Free Basic package available for up to 250 queries per month. Paid plans from $19.99 per month.

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CrazyLister is listing software for eBay and Amazon sellers.

Sellers can list inventory on eBay and Amazon in bulk, and manage all listings from one place. CrazyLister has over 200 eBay listing templates, which are customizable using a drag-and-drop editor. Templates are mobile responsive and compliant with eBay policies.

The Easiest Way to List and Sell on Amazon & eBay

Trusted by over 100,000 retailers to run and grow their business


Easily List Your Inventory on eBay and Amazon

Create Professional eBay Templates in Minutes


Expand From Amazon to eBay Instantly

Grow your sales by easily listing your Amazon products on eBay.

100% Mobile Responsive Listings


Automated Inventory Sync

Drag and drop editor

Freedom to design

Our editor makes it easy to customize your eBay templates exactly the way you want it. No creative limits – if you can imagine it, you can do it with CrazyLister.

No coding

Achieve stunning results in minutes without ever touching a line of code.

World’s only Mobile editor

Always wanted to control the way your listings look on mobile devices? CrazyLister is the only solution in the world allowing you to not only see how your listings will look on mobile but also edit them to make sure they look great on any mobile device.

Professional look in minutes

Use all the professional elements that were available only to the high-end brands until today: image gallery, tabs, cross-sell gallery and more. Look like a pro at a fraction of the cost.


Customers Supported:
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3Dsellers is an all-in-one solution offering a full range of automated eBay tools for sellers. It helps sellers design, manage, monitor and develop their online business.

Enhance Your
eBay Business

All the eBay selling tools you need to manage, automate, and grow your eBay business



You Can Count on 3Dsellers to Help You



Automatic customer communications, offers, feedback, shipping updates, & GTC renewal.



Customize listings to match you brand and expand your reach with external websites & social plugins.



Bulk-update listings, multi-account customer service, order management, reports, and much more.


Solutions Built for Every Type of eBay Business

Multiple eBay Accounts

Manage all accounts and marketplaces under one umbrella


Utilize the power of teammates and large-scale management tasks


Boost your dropship business with management & marketing tools


Why 3Dsellers?

Since 2010, 3Dsellers has been a leading source for the best eBay tools on the market. The 3Dsellers team (comprised of eBay sellers & experts) ensures you have all the features you need to maximize growth, save time, and stay ahead of the competition.



The Power of Our Platform Enables You

Manage every aspect of your business without limits. 3Dsellers allows you to maintian security with teammates and safe multi-account management.

Work with Teammates

Invite teammates to use 3Dsellers instead of accessing your eBay account.

Custom Permissions

Keep your account safe and choose which tools your teammates have access to.

Multi Accounts Support

Designed to accommodate an unlimited number of eBay accounts and marketplaces.

Secured IP

Select only approved IPs’ and avoid unauthorized devices to access your 3Dsellers account.


How Prince Patel Scaled his eBay Business Thanks to 3DSellers

“The eBay software pays for itself. I’ve gotten several leads for cross-selling because of the ThankYou emails. Not to mention when I activated feedback reminder I received over 380 positive feedback in one week.”


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Price Checker 2.0 from DST is Amazon profit calculation software for wholesale supplier lists.

Price Checker

Easy Wholesale-List Analysis For Amazon Sellers


Price Checker

Search against the Amazon database to identify brands and the fast turnover, high profit items to sell on Amazon. Or upload a list of wholesale products from your supplier.

Build new supplier relationships – Use PC2 to win the trust of wholesalers quickly. They’ll be amazed at your stock-picking success. Established supplier relationships will flourish and new ones will grow.

Shift greater volumes – PC2 has robust, reliable and accurate processing at up to 18,000 items per hour, so users will be shifting stock at maximum prices almost immediately.

Price Checker 2.0 love it, you’ll love it, your suppliers will love it!


Price Checker

Price Checker 2 – Leading Functionality

Accuracy. Uses Amazon APIs, giving 100% accurate data.
Grunt. 6 litre engine eases thru any size of product list.
Integrates your Shipping cost. Reflected in profit data.
Product Code Recognition. Reads UPC, ASIN, EAN, ISBNs.
Intelligent UPC Correction. Inserts missing 0’s.
Filter Results Live. Set Rank Range, % ROI, Less than, etc.
Multi-Market Analysis. and and Europe.
Live Foreign Currency Solutions.
Live Export into Excel. Upload Excel or .csv. Output as Excel file.
Speed. 17,000+ items per hour
Multipack Correction. % ROI and $ Net Profit adjustments
Dimensional Weight data.
Number of Sellers ‘In BuyBox Contention’
Clickable URLs. CamelCC, Keepa, Alibaba Wholesale, Google


Price Checker


Multipack Detection

PC2 detects multipacks and displays Pack Quantity, making adjustments to the $ net profit and % ROI calculations so you don’t have to. No more frustrating disappointments!

Intelligent UPC Correction

Auto-detects the input file product codes (ISBN, UPC, EAN, ASIN) and auto-corrects format errors. PC2 also self-detects input cost column.

Filter Results Live 

Create powerful custom filters and data fields live while the Amazon info is being collated. Set Rank Level, Customer Review, Weight, Profit Levels etc., then Export to Excel.

Big Profits on Amazon UK and EU

Finally be able to exploit the fabulous price disparity on Amazon Europe – PC2 runs multi-marketplaces. It fully accounts for different Amazon fees, inbound shipping and currency conversions into these currencies and back to USD.

No# of Buy Box Contenders 

See the number of sellers in real contention for the Buy Box, not just those who are eligible but miles off. This will significantly boost your opportunities as you realize the serious competition is far less than once thought.

Power, Speed, Dependability

Dang… The kid grew up! What was endearing, raw and super useful with PC1, just got big, strong and fast with PC2. Run 50K or even 500K items no prob. at nearly 18K an hour. Across two markets? No Problemo. And cheaper too. Enjoy!!



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Increase Sales with myFitment?

Add Automotive & Powersport Vehicle Compatibility Quickly and Easily to your Amazon and eBay Listings.


myFitment Provides You With Measurable Bottom Line Improvement


Increase Sales

Clear, accurate fitment capability increases sales by eliminating buyers’ doubts as to whether the part will fit the intended vehicle


Reduce Costly Returns

Products don’t travel back up the supply chain as well as they travel down it. Using myFitment allows you to repair your errors immediately.


Build Your Brand

Buyers have greater confidence in your brand when you pair your product with clear fitment data.


Smoke The Competition

New vehicles are added every single month! myFitment shows you these vehicles AS SOON as they hit the market.


Identify Opportunities

Your products may have many definable compatibilities. Any reason why your products won’t fit a boat or motorcycle?


Save Time

myFitment’s design enables users to add hundreds of eBay fitment compatibilities in minutes.

About myFitment :

myFitment was founded in 2013 to help online parts and accessories sellers comply with the ACES data standard. Our powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable solution helps sellers drive sales and avoid costly returns. myFitment has helped thousands of sellers create fitment for platforms such as eBay, Amazon, NewEgg, AutoZone, Wal-Mart, and many more.

Before myFitment, the only alternative to communicating ACES data was expensive subscriptions or really expensive Windows-based software, both of which were geared toward traditional aftermarket manufacturers and brands. At myFitment, we realize the needs of our entrepreneurial ecommerce customer base, and we’ve designed a solution that does what you need it to do, and so much more, at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Our entire solution is based around automation. We have hundreds of reports and Bulk Processes that will keep you out of the weeds and running your online parts and accessories business efficiently.

We have decades of automotive aftermarket industry experience, and our 24-hour Customer Success Team is ACES trained and ready to help you manage and communicate this important business asset.


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As an Amazon seller, you are all too aware of the stressful nature of the business.

This is where AMan Pro comes in. AMan Pro will significantly increase the time available to you so that you can concentrate on the revenue generation tasks.

AMan Pro covers the full life cycle of selling on Amazon from the initial acquisition of inventory, listing, and repricing on Amazon, processing of orders to providing customer service such as providing order status. Features such as Simplified Listing, configurable Pricing Rules, Automatic Repricing, Customised Packing Slips, and Emails, Address Verification and standardization, Automated Internet Postage, Reporting, Import, and Export.

AMan Pro Benefits



The Solution For Your eCommerce Business.
Control it. Sell it. Ship it.

StoreFeeder takes care of your listings, orders, inventory, stock, shipping, accounting, and more – enabling your business to grow both on and offline, while you focus on your customers. From small to large, StoreFeeder users include some of the internet’s fastest-growing, highest turnover retailers.

Intelligent Warehousing
Inventory Management

Intelligent Warehousing

Pick, pack, and despatch with ease with StoreFeeder. Produce bar codes and packing lists and support multiple warehouses and stock locations.

Inventory Management

Never lose track of your stock. Our features allow you to control and edit your entire inventory across all channels and locations, reducing your risk of oversell.

Courier Integration

StoreFeeder allows you to integrate with most major shipping services, giving you more choices of how you get your products to where they need to go.

Intelligent Warehousing


Want to go paperless? Our WMS App provides the benefit of having all of your stock and location information on hand wherever you are in the warehouse. Complete warehouse management in the palm of your hand.

Customer Supported:

SellerGrip is a multichannel listing and order management solution. Features include inventory control, listing management, variation listing support, automatic category matching, order processing, fee calculation and more.

Grow your ecommerce  empire from the palm of your hand

Run your entire operation on the SellerGrip dashboard. Manage products, listings, inventory and fulfillment. Scale effortlessly and efficiently from channel to channel.


Some benefits you can expect from SellerGrip


Reinvent Inventory

  • Keep stock of all your inventories
  • Control each channel’s inventory
  • Get a grip on your sales trends

Scale with a click

  • Host as many accounts as you like
  • Easy-list across multiple channels
  • Grow without the growing pains


Put orders on autopilot

  • Run unlimited local/3PL warehouses
  • Fulfill any order from any warehouse
  • Streamline your fulfillment network

Integrations so seamless, they feel native

On average,
our clients beat  average

Faster, smoother,
Average savings on
fees and penalties
Average increase
Platform uptime record +
uptime guarantee
Take home profit increase
within 10 months
Dedicated growth
partner in SellerGrip

Listing of SellerGrip

Get your listings up—and keep them running:


Profit-based list price calculation

Set item cost and desired markup ($ or %) to auto-calculate all marketplace fees and generate target price per marketplace


Omnichannel listing variation support

Listing variations across eBay and Walmart improve buyer’s shopping experience and reduces seller’s listing fees


Cross-platform listings with single click

Turn your Amazon listings into eBay and Walmart pages with one click. All data is prefilled based on marketplace requirements


eBay category-matching algorithm

SellerGrip intelligently reads your item data and category specifics, and automatically matches eBay categories


COGS inclusion in the calculation

Easily add the cost of goods sold, so you can keep track of your exact margins when listing


One-click listing revision and termination

Revise or end eBay/Walmart listings from your SellerGrip dashboard to keep all listings accurate


‘List Only’ feature

Engage ‘List Only’ feature to only use listing feature without syncing quantity or orders


Import existing live listings

Import live, existing listings to keep its SEO

Customers Supported:

A Single Place to Buy and Sell

Zentail is the only platform that lets you handle purchasing, listing, and more from one place-which means less money stuck in inventory and more sales in your future.

Zentail is a commerce operations management (COM) system for Amazon sellers looking to accelerate growth and reduce their reliance on one channel. Manage everything from purchasing to listing in one place, and get Zentail’s multichannel tools included at no extra cost.

Zentail is the Most Powerful Approach to Multichannel

Go beyond Amazon and quickly expand to other marketplaces with Zentail’s AI-powered tools, complete workflow automation and an easy-to-use interface that everyone on your team will love.



New Gross Merchandise Value

Sellers see 30% more GMV by expanding their listings with Zentail.



Hours Saved Per Month

From listing to inventory planning, your team will run more efficiently than ever.



Channel Expansion

Sell on the highest impact channels for greater profitability and reduced risk.

Escape the Shackles of Amazon

Amazon is today’s greatest ecommerce channel, making it all too easy to become over-reliant on it. It only takes one mistake or one policy change for many Amazon businesses to go extinct. Diversification protects you from these forces and lets you conquer Amazon instead of letting Amazon conquer you. 

+20% New Revenue

through greater brand reach

3x Channel Diversification

for long-term resilience

$100:1 Return on Investment

from new, open marketplaces

Go Multichannel Without Breaking a Sweat

The Zentail platform is pre-built for multichannel. With Zentail, you get a full suite of tools that make launching to new channels ridiculously easy.

Keep Your Eye on Every Channel from One Place

Go multichannel without doubling your workload. Zentail keeps your product data, listings and inventory in pristine condition while providing one central location to perform vital functions. 

Zentail vs. The Other Guys

Zentail is the only platform built for an accelerating world, complete with AI-powered tools that do the heavy lifting for you.

Our platform doesn’t just let you shop for new channels. It drives growth by connecting you with the channels that offer the best return for your time.

Pricing & Trial :

Contact the website for more pricing details


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