Etail Solutions provides the integration platform, technology and tools that
unite 3PLs, brands and the systems that drive them.


For 3PLs, fulfillment providers
and brands

Etail Solutions Multi channel Management


Etail Solutions provides the integration platform, technology and tools that
unite 3PLs, brands and the systems that drive them.

Ecommerce is exploding and brands are turning to 3PLs, distributors and other fulfillment partners to accelerate their D2C transformation.

For brands, leveraging 3PLs creates a fast track to building their D2C capabilities, to creating a great customer experience, and to controlling their brand online.

For 3PLs and fulfillment services, helping brands create, optimize and fulfill their omnichannel strategy is an opportunity for incremental growth and to differentiate themselves in a crowded, commoditized market.

The Etail Solutions digital commerce integration platform helps 3PLs and the brands that use them seamlessly manage online sales channels, orders and inventory, and fulfilment options as a single, integrated network designed to maximize inventory profitability.

That means better margins, more efficient operations, and faster growth for 3PLs and the brands they serve.


Etail connects, integrates and automates your digital commerce ecosystem

Etail is a digital commerce integration platform providing trading partner connectivity solutions for 3PLs and the brands they serve. The power of the Etail integration solution comes in its ability to handle multiple protocols, normalizing data and seamlessly translating them into a single, integrated network.

Etail Solutions all-in-one management solutions
Etail Solutions


Communicate with trading partners via FTP, TCP/IP, SFTP, AS2, HTTP, HTT-DLP, SMTP, SOAP and custom protocols. Etail speaks your language.

Etail Solutions


Message with trading partners via EDI, CSV, TXT, Microsoft Excel, XML, WSDL or JSON. Etail handles them all.

Etail Solutions


Connect with other critical business systems including ERP, CRM and financial systems; WMS, OMS, IMS systems across your warehouses, 3PLs or fulfilment partners; and shipping solutions and vendors. Even add data from third-party content providers.

Etail Solutions

Once connected, Etail provides powerful tools to leverage the power of the network. The goal is to integrate and automate digital commerce sales and supply transactions; increasing revenue and margin through advanced product information, order, inventory, price and data management techniques
that are only possible when sales demand and supply-side inventory are networked and connected.

Etail Solutions


Experience the power of connected ecommerce.

Etail Solutions


Easily add and accept orders from new selling platforms including marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart and Google; retail sites like Target, Best Buy and CVS; niche channels like Wayfair, Reverb and Groupon; and branded storefronts powered by Shopify, Magento and other shopping carts.
Then brands can manage their listings, content and pricing across all channels centrally from the Etail platform.


Etail offers a powerful, integrated tool set to allow you to connect with internal and external customers. Offer shoppers 1-and-2 day shipping based in regional inventory availability. Price based on total fulfillment cost for specific customers. Meet management and stakeholder demands for real-time, cross channel information with Etail’s extensive reporting and analytics capabilities.
Never let your digital commerce strategy be limited by your operational capabilities.

Etail Solutions


See and manage inventory cross all sources including brand-owned warehouses and DCs, multiple 3PLs, distributors and wholesalers, at FBA or in channel, at suppliers and at retail locations. Automatically route orders to the best source of fulfillment.


Etail is file and format agnostic, built to connect with current ERP, WMS, OMS, PIM and other platforms already in place across your inventory, supply and fulfillment ecosystem. And with Etail, you own and manage your fulfillment technology stack, making it easy to add, remove or change trading partners


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Finale Inventory is the best cloud inventory software for applications involving high-volume, multi-channel eCommerce and warehouse management.

Multichannel Inventory Management For Your Growing Business

Designed to be flexible with scalability in mind. Built to solve YOUR inventory needs.

Centralized Inventory

Take the guesswork and busywork out of tracking your inventory. Instead, quickly get an up-to-date count for all your products in one place and easily control your stock in multiple warehouses.  No more days of looking at inventory levels in multiple sources.

Finale Inventory multichannel

Multichannel Integrations

With over 40 integrations and counting, Finale allows you to keep all of your Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and all other marketplace listings in sync and up to date by continuously updating the stock levels automatically, ensuring you never oversell your products again.

Order Management

With advanced order management capabilities, Finale helps you manage your product from purchase to sale.  Prevent costly stock outs with Finale’s dynamic reordering, consolidate your sales, and understand your gross margins by knowing your landed costs.

Warehouse Management

Finale Inventory has advanced multi-warehouse inventory management capabilities allowing you to coordinate your inventory across all of your warehouses, locations, and online sales channels, ensuring that your inventory is managed effectively and efficiently, no matter where it is.

Finale Inventory

Wireless Barcode Scanning

Finale has a comprehensive barcode inventory management solution designed to increase warehouse productivity using Android OS barcode scanners.  Advanced batch picking methods, such as wave picking and pick and pack, will improve order picking efficiency and reduce costly picking errors.   

Finale Inventory

Barcode Label Generating

Not only does Finale have an intuitive barcode scanning app, Finale Inventory also has the ability to generate any custom barcode label that you need.  Whether it’s warehouse sublocation labels, product labels, serial/batch/lot labels, or customer facing price tags, Finale can generate them with ease.

Finale Inventory

Powerful Insights

Through the analytics dashboard and our customizable reports, Finale provides you with all of the information needed to quickly make important business decisions and stay ahead of the competition. You can also leverage Finale’s open API to integrate your own third party software.

Finale Inventory

Landed Costs & Accounting

Always know exactly what your inventory is worth using Finale’s landed costs capability.  Finale Inventory can also provide you with key insights, purchase and sales reporting, and inventory valuation, all exportable in several formats, to help you achieve all of your accounting needs.

Transparent pricing. No surprises

When you use Finale Inventory, you pay a single flat rate per month based on your number of users, orders and integrations — no extra costs or long-term commitments.  Plus, there are no expensive set-up fees.

Training and consulting included at no extra cost.

Finale Inventory

Best of all, this service is included in each paid plan.

There are NO additional set-up fees, training fees, or other hidden costs.

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VTEX is an ecommerce solution providing centralized control of product information and attributes across all channels.

Through built-in integrations, VTEX aggregates data from sources such as ERP, point-of-sale and accounting. Omnichannel capabilities include in-store pickup, and their API allows other retail systems to leverage data from the platform.

VTEX is a leading global commerce and marketplace solution provider that helps brands, retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, grocers, CPGs, and others sell more, operate more efficiently, scale seamlessly and deliver remarkable customer experiences across all their channels and customer touchpoints.

Unleash your business with collaborative commerce

VTEX is the first and only fully integrated commerce, marketplace and OMS solution that offers fastest time-to-revenue and no upgrades. Ever.

VTEX review

Collaborative Commerce Platform

Built for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges

With VTEX, go beyond traditional ecommerce to collaborate with channel partners, suppliers, and even competitors. Expand assortment and grow revenue by delivering more value to customers.

They focus on tech, so you can focus on revenue.


B2C Commerce

Whether it’s web, mobile, voice, chatbot or social commerce, they have you covered. Deliver any experience your customers desire.

B2B Commerce

Make it easy for customers to do business with you by creating commerce experiences tailored to how they buy.

Ecommerce Marketplace

Leverage native marketplace capability to transform your business into a global digital-first powerhouse without any inventory, supply chain or technology costs


Order Management

Whether you fulfill orders from hundreds of stores and distribution centers, or just one, VTEX makes managing complex distribution easy.

Become a marketplace. Today.

A single platform for commerce and marketplace

Quickly launch an ecommerce marketplace by easily onboarding new sellers and automatically synchronizing products and inventory.

Ready for B2C, B2B, and even physical store sellers

Regardless of your industry, you can collaborate with sales and channel partners to expand product assortment and sell more across all customer touchpoints.

 multichannel listing

Pricing Details:

Contact the website for more pricing details.

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SkuSuite is an all-in-one solution providing multi-channel order management, inventory and warehouse management, automation and streamlining of internal processes, shipping labels and tracking updates, accounting, invoicing, purchase orders, receiving, statements, serialized item tracking and management of bundles and kits.

Multi-Channel Inventory & Order Management Software Solution

They can help streamline and optimize your business!


Unify & Control with an All-In-One Solution

Skusuite’s reputation as the provider of the all-in-one solution with the power to unify your diverse operations is simply unsurpassed. They have the expertise to integrate thier software into your systems so that profitability, forecasting, and demand planning are at the front, center, and back of everything you do. Without you even thinking about it. At the same time, their automated tools remove all repetitive tasks from the equation. It doesn’t end there: their platform’s built-in flexibility seamlessly adjusts itself to exactly footprint your business as it grows and expands out laterally.

Predict accurately. Make Smart Decisions.

Skusuite’s alerts are connected to the lifeblood of your business. They are designed to put an end to wasting time, money, and effort. Everything about our platform functions in real time, accounting for critical variables such as lead times, selling velocity, and that highly volatile disruptor labeled as “seasonality.” This means that you are positioned to act decisively, with precision, and predict what will happen before it actually happens. Say goodbye to glitches caused by overselling, negative reviews, and unexpected market suspension.

Be sure that ROI underpins all your Pivotal Moves

Have all your products housed in one platform. This makes it easy for SkuSuite to then sync with any open-api your full catalog. Businesses also must know what their total inventory asset value is at all times. Cost of goods are depreciated everyday. If you dont have a full grasp over your inventory levels & movements, it’s almost impossible to run a successful multi-channel company. This is why SkuSuite requires inventory on hand to be available for any order or else validation rules will prevent from allowing it to be processed. They also help prevent from over-selling with automated inventory syncing.

Scale to your Specifications

They can scale up, down, or sideways to match any enterprise’s circumstances no matter the size of your staff complement or the magnitude of your customer dimensions.

They Groundbreaking technologies are built for and approved by high-volume merchants processing thousands of daily orders. They didn’t settle for anything less than Professional Excellence and Capabilities that can match up to any efficiency challenge. Neither should you.



Pricing Details:

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SingleFeed Product feed service integrated with multiple comparison shopping engines, affiliate networks and eCommerce platforms.

Improve comparison shopping results

SingleFeed optimizes your feed for multiple engines, categorizes your products and ensures that your listings go live on the comparison engines.


Save significant time and resources

The SingleFeed platform helps online retailers submit, manage and optimize product listings on top comparison shopping engines through a single data feed.


Comprehensive and powerful analytics

SingleFeed allows you to drill down on your clicks, sales, and conversions through a single, robust interface.


Strategic guidance from experts

SingleFeed provides consultative coaching and collaborative services to help merchants easily follow best practices for success.


Comparison Shopping Engines

Don’t wait for website visitors—push your products out to shoppers that are looking to make a purchase. Meet your customers everywhere they’re shopping.

Succeed with PLAs

Google’s Product Listing Ads are top-of-the-list for most internet retailers. Integrating your PLAs with an AdWords paid campaign is required – and understanding your bid strategy is key to your success. Their experts will help you do it right—and maximize your return on ad spend. 

Be Mobile Ready

mShopper partner

SingleFeed has partnered with mShopper to bring you both services for the price of one! More Information.

mStore Sample

Your fully-branded mStore is powered by your product datafeed. The mobile-commerce dashboard gives you full control. 

SingleFeed’s Feed Management Services

Not all solutions are created equal…don’t settle for skipped steps!

There is a wide range of available options when it comes to choosing a data feed management partner. On one end of the spectrum are companies that simply take in data and spit out data. Be careful of services that don’t have any validation or correction system to improve the quality of your data feed. On the other end of the spectrum are partners who are able to provide expertise and a variety of service options. There are many steps to shopping engine success.

Creating your single feed

Send them just one simply formatted feed, and they will tailor engine-specific ones for you

Creating a feed that is compatible with SingleFeed’s specifications is possible with almost any ecommerce platform. Simply look for the product feed exportation area of your platform. Of course, once a feed is created, automated delivery from your ecommerce platform to SingleFeed is preferred. This is offered via FTP or HTTP (although users can upload feeds manually as well).

There are eight required fields that must be included in a product feed: Unique Internal Code, Product Name, Product Description, Product Price, Product URL, Image URL, Category and Manufacturer. SingleFeed publishes a guide which explains this handful of fields as well as dozens of other product feed fields in depth. Click here to access this document.

To make this process even easier, extensions have been built to allow merchants to tie their store directly to the SingleFeed platform. If your site is built upon Magento, osCommerce, MIVA Merchant, X-Cart, Volusion, Yahoo Store or Commerce V3, please take a look at the SingleFeed extensions page to better understand how to use these integrated solutions.

The value of feed optimization

What does “optimization” mean? Why is it so important on the shopping engines?

If we were to enlarge the screen shot below, would you notice the error in Line #11? How about the formatting mistake that will cause your top selling item to be unlisted with four of your favorite comparison engines? Do you know all 47 Google-specific attributes?


The math can add up quickly. With dozen of product fields, lots of comparison engines, thousands of products and even more engine-specific rules for each value of each field to manage, leveraging SingleFeed’s technology will save a merchant incredible amounts of time and frustration. More importantly, the opportunity cost of allowing high-margin products to go unlisted because of overlooked formatting rules is unreasonably high. How many dollars are you leaving on the table?

Avoid headaches

Optimizing and managing one feed for one engine can be a laborious task. Optimizing two feeds for two engines entails almost double the work. Thus, it is easy to see how a merchant might have to devote 10-20 hours per week of its team’s resources to manage multiple engines on its own. Some things simply don’t make sense to manage in-house, and feed optimization is one of them.

SingleFeed’s approach to optimization

The SingleFeed optimization engine transforms a single product feed with as few as eight basic fields into as many as 17 well-formatted feeds that can be submitted to each of the leading comparison shopping engines. The SingleFeed platform will apply thousands of formatting rules to a product feed to ensure that it can be properly listed on the engines of a merchant’s choosing. Shopping engines can also change their rules and taxonomies over time, and SingleFeed applies these updates to its platform to ensure compliance by its customers over time. Whether a client selects the Starter, Gold, Premium or Full-Service plan, basic data feed optimization is included.

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SellerSkills is a multichannel ecommerce management tool for online sellers. Features include multichannel inventory management, listing management and order fulfillment.

The SellerSkills platform integrates with several marketplaces and shopping carts including Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Shopify.

Power your business with a centralized eCommerce Tool

Save your money and time with SellerSkills, manage listings, orders, and shipping across multiple marketplaces in one app.

Favorable environment for boosting your e-Commerce business

Multi-channel eCommerce management tool:Centralized Control Stay Synchronized

They sync everything you need to grow your business in one multi-channel e-Commerce management tool.

Managed your Inventory

Stay updated and never oversell with SellerSkills. They refresh inventory logs on all your channels after every stock change.

Multi-channel e-Commerce management tool: SellerSkills Support Get our Helping Hand

SellerSkills solution doesn’t require any technical expertise. But in case you need help, they are all yours.


Inventory management

Manage your inventory for all connected platforms from a single easy-to-manage SellerSkills app. Create variations, apply tags, set product categories, monitor stock levels, and use bulk operations to change quantities and prices for multiple products at the same time.



Order management

SellerSkills integrates orders from all your selling channels and lets you ship them together in a few clicks. Use the full range of their order-handling services: order routing, invoice and label printing, shipment bundling, customer notifications, and many more. Cover all your business needs with their flexible and user-friendly platform


Listing management

Publish new products, update, and import existing listings with a central SellerSkills platform. Their modules sync data across all your channels in a few seconds without your direct involvement.


Why customers love them

They tailor SellerSkills features to your business needs so that you grow much easier and faster


Easy shipping

Pint labels from USPS, Amazon Shipping Service and FedEx, create packing slips, route orders from a single platform. SellerSkills saves your time by automatically updating order details and providing your customers with tracking numbers.


Listings import

SellerSkills allows you to integrate your eCommerce platforms so that you list products faster and easier. Import listings from other marketplaces to a new channel in one simple step.


Inventory Movement Logs

Check the breakdown of the stock movement for a set period of time with a detailed SellerSkills’ inventory log report. Analyze inventory change data to run your business more efficiently and plan your future operations wisely.

Multi-channel e-Commerce management tool:Automatically synchronized

Automatic synchronization

They make your inventory management a breeze. SellerSkills automatically updates information across your selling channels the moment it is changed

Multi-channel eCommerce management tool: Save your time

Time-saving features

You no longer need to manually update inventory data, send notifications to your customers, or personally transfer listings to a new channel, which might be time-consuming. SellerSkills takes care of that stuff in a matter of seconds.

Fast Add Product

Fast Add Product

Discover a new Fast Add Product feature rolled out by SellerSkills that enables you to add products from the Amazon database to inventory in minutes.

Inventory management

SellerSkills keeps your inventory as accurate as possible. Be in the know of every item entering or leaving the warehouse. Work with the updated, centralized inventory and run your business operations without flaws.

Everything you need to grow your business

Their eCommerce inventory management tool helps you sell better and more efficiently monitoring and registering all inventory movement logs.

Auto-Import Products

SellerSkills makes it simple to create listings for and from any chosen channel. Update your inventory with new items within several seconds importing them from other marketplaces. They show the latest and most accurate data so that you have a clear understanding of your inventory status.

Product Categories

Group your listings into categories depending on the product type and marketplace. You can also create tags to better navigate between listings and perform bulk actions with unrelated products.

Product Variations

Create product variations in a jiffy with SellerSkills – eCommerce Inventory Management Tool. Just copy the existing listing and update it with new characteristics like size, color, material, etc.

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SellerChamp automates the product listing and synchronization process across multiple ecommerce platforms through a central interface.

Automation is provided starting with importing products from a manifest, assigning item warehouse locations, populating ecommerce listings with catalog information, managing orders, and sending order data to  shipping software for label printing and fulfillment.

Powerful tools to help you Automate & Grow your business!

Includes: Bulk Lister, FBA tools, Repricer, Multi-Channel tools and more…

Make Your Operations Upto 10x Faster!


Make Your Operations Upto 10X Faster

Each month, their customers buy, list, sell and ship from 100 to 45,000 items faster than ever.


Buy Smarter

Before purchasing an inventory lot, simply upload the CSV file into SellerChamp and get a breakdown of your items by condition, price, weight, sales rank, number of competing sellers, identify restricted items, and more.


List & Sell Faster

Create listings in just seconds by scanning your item’s barcode. Or bulk-create them by uploading a file.

Have your items sell faster than ever by listing them across multiple channels and auto-repricing them to optimize your price point.


Ship Better

By auto-creating your FBA Shipments and streamlining label & pack, SellerChamp takes away the pain of dealing with split shipments.

Plus, SellerChamp prints the shipment and box numbers directly on your FBA labels, to streamline the process. And for your merchant-fulfilled items, it prints the warehouse location on the label.

Take A Quick Product Tour

See how you can list, sell and ship your items upto 10x faster.

The fastest way to list, reprice, ship and cross-sell your inventory on multiple channels.

List 1000’s of items at once or individually, and search by ID or name

SellerChamp is the only platform that lists 10,000+ items at once. Simply upload a spreadsheet or scan a barcode to automatically list your items on Amazon and eBay.

Then, their A.I. engine can manage your continuous repricing. It factors in competing prices and how quickly your items sell, to intelligently evaluate and adjust prices in near real-time.

You can also search for individual items by ID number or name, and get instant access to buy-box prices and FBA fees.

Connect multiple Amazon or eBay accounts and switch between them

Do you have more than one account with Amazon or eBay? No problem. SellerChamp keeps them all in a single place, so you can manage your items and shipments across all your accounts.

No logging in and logging out of different marketplaces. No remembering multiple passwords. Just fast and easy fulfillment.

Quickly create, download and track your FBA shipments

With 1 click, SellerChamp will automatically create your FBA shipments and assign your items to FBA regions closest to you.

Quickly label & pack your items via SellerChamp’s auto-print feature, auto-submit box content and ship!

Scan & Print your FBA labels on-demand

Stop searching sheets of labels, trying to find the right one for each item. SellerChamp prints the item’s shipment number and box number on every FBA label, for fast packing.

Simply print your labels, attach them to your items, then you’re done. And as you pack your boxes, SellerChamp automatically calculates each box’s weight and gives 50-lb overage alerts.

Auto-reprice items across all your sales channels

SellerChamp uses Intelligent Repricing to automatically increase or decrease the prices of your items based on marketplace prices and your product sales. Intelligent Repricing uses continuous repricing to ensure that your items sell fast and at an optimal price-point.

Set flexible rules to configure the repricer based on your preferences.

Find restricted items ahead of item on eBay and Amazon.

Tried of receiving copyright warnings and having accounts suspened? SellerChamp will warn you if an item has been known to cause an infringment or copyright complaint BEFORE listing it on eBay or Amazon.

Send them items for which you’ve received complaints in the past and never receive multiple complaints for the same item ever again!

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In Sellermania Inventory and order management solution targeted to selling on Amazon. Repricing feature takes into account item condition and shipping charges as well as competitors.

Order management module consolidates multiple channels, includes bulk processing and confirmation emails.

Their offer:


Marketplace Software

Sellermania is a complete and fully integrated solution for online retailers selling on Amazon. Sellermania helps you save time and money to concentrate on business and customers.


Simplifying Processes

Sellermania integrates the entire Amazon sales process, simplifying and automating tasks such as inventory management, product listing, sales order processing…


European Expansion’s international selling features enable users to list domestically, but also to select options to reach over 105 million buyers through Europe.


Increase Your sales

Sellermania’s repricing takes into account item condition and shipping charges. Define your lowest price threshold and never go lower. Automatically raise your prices when possible, in order to maximize profit.

Worldclass Services

Support is available 7 days a week to assist you and meet your needs. Their service includes extensive online help and free email support.

Sellermania is a complete and fully integrated solution for online retailers selling on Amazon. Sellermania enables process automation: inventory management, orders processing, inventory repricing, analytics, invoices printing…

Save time, reduce costs, grow your sales!

Sellermania integrates your entire online sales operation, freeing up time and resources to concentrate on your business and your customers. With Sellermania you seamlessly scale up your operation and maximize sales opportunities.

Manage your Inventory

Cut down time and hassle to list on Amazon. Simple file upload or download from Amazon. Glance view of your Amazon sales rank. Up to the minute information on your competition.

Reprice your inventory

Reprice dynamically with taking into account item condition, shipping charges, customer feedback. Automatically raises your prices when competition is low to maximize profit.

Manage your orders

View and sort all orders from all channels instantly. Confirm your Seller Central orders in bulk. Customise your packing slips, then batch print. Create and send confirmation emails to multiple customers in one action.

Easy setup, no download

Fully browser-based solution, access from your desk, laptop or smartphone at any time. Setup and load inventory in a few clicks. Fully scalable solution with no upper limits on inventory size or sales.

Sellermania enables all companies to connect and improve their activity on the Amazon marketplace.

Global tool

Sellermania gives you access to the best tools in an easy to use web interface. Maximize your potential on the Amazon marketplace and other European marketplaces.


Sellermania is operated by a team of marketplace experts. Functionalities are used by marketplace sellers who want to automate their daily activities, increase sales and improve bottom line.


Sellermania has partnerships with the largest online marketplaces in Europe.

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Sellbery is a multichannel listing platform for ecommerce businesses. The platform automatically synchronizes product listings, order and inventory data between multiple shopping carts and marketplaces. Sellbery quickly streamlines, automates, and generates results across multiple channels.


Forget about the shortage and overselling — Sellbery syncs order and product data every 15 min. Start selling across the largest marketplaces at the best prices on the market right away.



Webinars to Help You Understand if Sellbery is the Right Fit for You

Limited seat available.


Product Feed Management

Upload and update listings from your central eCommerce platform to multiple marketplaces and shopping engines with absolute ease.

Order & Inventory Management

Control orders from all incoming channels to avoid overselling and provide the best customer experience.

eCommerce Analytics

Analytics lets you know how sales on each channel affect your business and helps you make data-driven decisions only.


Google Ads

Smart Shopping Campaigns

Upload products to Google Ads directly and let artificial intelligence find potential buyers.


Pay no cent to get an access to the unlimited functionality of an advanced machine learning technology.

Fast ‘n Easy Setup

No need of any tags installation or coding, the magic happens in just a few simple steps.


Managing Listings Has Never Been So Simple

Turn your product data into friendly formats for each chosen channel. Keep your listings fresh and sync all data to your online stores within minutes.



A Variety of Supported Channels Come Completely Free

Easily utilize as many channels as you wish in transforming your business into a worldwide selling company. Sell one item or 10,000 — each with a unique style, brand, color, size and so forth.


Code-Free Solution Requires No Technical Expertise

An intuitive interface enables anyone to immediately begin accessing every multichannel eCommerce benefit. User experience is enhanced further by comprehensive support and onboarding.

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Prestozon provides automated bid suggestions and focused analytics for Amazon PPC ads.

The suggested bids are customized for each keyword. Users can click to accept the suggestion and Prestozon will make the change in Seller Central.

Other features include a complete bid history and performance charts per keyword, reallocation of ad spend from bad keywords to good ones, and easier identification of negative keywords from search terms.

The Most Powerful Amazon Advertising Software


An Amazon Advertising Partner

  Bid Optimization


Don’t Lose Valuable Bid History

Bid suggestions and automation take your bid history into account. This means that instead of averaging performance across bids, Prestozon analyzes how a keyword performs at each bid and makes a precise suggestion. Choose to review each custom keyword suggestion or automatically apply them.


Custom Keyword Rules

Find and Move New Keywords

Customize the algorithms to search for profitable or costly search terms across campaigns and create those keywords or negatives right in Prestozon. No more digging in Search Term Reports! We remove the tedious tasks so you can focus on your strategy. Easily shift ad spend from bad keywords to profitable ones.

1-Click Setup

Setup Tool for Campaigns and Rules

Use our groundbreaking turnkey campaign structure setup tool, 1-Click Setup. Specify your SKUs and budgets and let us set up your campaigns and keyword-movement rules in a structure that facilitates search term isolation. (Learn more about search term isolation.)

 Keyword Suggestions


Suggestions for Keywords and Negatives

Automated analysis of every search term generates custom suggestions for negatives and new keywords. Fresh suggestions are made as soon as a keyword gathers enough data.

Powerful Analytics


Powerful and Flexible Analytics

Clear, consolidated analytics help you drill down from the big picture to the most specific search terms. Consolidate data across any ad groups and campaigns, enabling better and faster decisions.

Broad Amazon Support


Global Support for Amazon

Support for Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display ads, all with a global reach: Prestozon works in all marketplaces with Amazon API support including Europe, UK, Canada, India, Japan, and the US.

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