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AMZShark is a research toolkit for retailers and brand proprietors on Amazon. AMZShark can give day by day sales, review cautions and sales forecasts for any ASIN. Search result rank tracking permits split-testing of listing page changes.



Sales Tracker

Accurately track the sales of almost any Amazon product, in any country. Sales Tracker uses both Sales Rank and stock levels to give regularly updated sales data.


Niche Scout

Niche Scout allows you to instantly get competitiveness and profitability scores for top ranking products in a given niche including the average number of reviews, the average monthly revenue, and more, at-a-glance.


Search Rankings Tracker

Find out exactly where specific products rank in Amazon’s search engine. Track the rankings of any number of products on Amazon, for any marketplace, quickly and easily. 200 plus keywords can be tracked at once. See the results of your marketing and optimization, updated daily.


Keyword Explorer

Find hundreds of keywords that relate to your niche quickly and simply. Use the most popular terms they find in your product listings to maximize exposure on Amazon. Use these results in PPC campaigns, Amazon SEO and in-depth keyword research.

Listings Scout

See every facet of a product’s listing page. You can use this information to refine your own page and boost your presence in Amazon’s search engine. Compare listings that rank for a keyword and find weak spots in your own listing.

Keyword Comparison

Easily compare and contrast up to 20 keywords at once, useful for identifying profitable sub-niches. Create a bird’s-eye view of several different Amazon seller niches to see a wide range of results so you can compare and contrast easily.

Hijacking Alerts

Keep watch over the Buy Box on your product listings. Receive automatic email alerts when a competitor steals the Buy Box from your listing. Results are updated many times per day.

Super URLs

Super URLs can be used to help increase your search ranking on Amazon. Direct customers to your products using these links, and each purchase made via Super URLs will boost your ranking in whichever keywords you choose.

Feedback Alerts

Use this feature to get an overview of all customer feedback for a specific Amazon seller. Automatically monitor your Seller Feedback, with automatic email alerts allowing you to stay on top of any negative comments.

Competition Scout

Find out what keywords your competitors rank for, and discover which keywords you should target. A great way to steal new, low competition keywords from your competitors.

Review Alerts

AMZShark allows you to track reviews for up to 1000 products at a time, both your products and the products of competitors. Use Review Alerts for market research, investigate new niches and analyze customer desiers Reviews can be viewed and filtered on, as well as being exportable in CSV format.

Supplier Scout

Find Suppliers (as well as non-Amazon sellers) on the web. Simply enter a keyword and they’ll grab the top 5 pages of products from Amazon, and then look for those products on the web. You can use this to find both non-Amazon competitors and potential suppliers who sell this product to merchants. 



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