Black Label Advisor

Black Label Advisor is an Amazon FBA consultancy that specializes in brand management.

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Black Label Advisor is an Amazon FBA consultancy that specializes in brand management, product ranking and PPC, listing optimization, logistics, product sourcing, R&D, international expansion, and exits.

Consulting Services

It’s been said that no two Amazon businesses are the same.  It couldn’t be more true.  Different brands and product categories bring different challenges.  They specialize in the private label Amazon FBA world, and bring real experience to the table to help your business grow. 

The “Black Label Advisor” Experience

Unlike so many consulting agencies out there, they hand pick clients and deliver undivided attention.  They will walk through your business together and you’ll always speak to the same person.  Not only that, you’re actually getting advice from someone who achieved the Amazon dream. 

Brand Management

  • Branding is the name of the game on Amazon now.  Say goodbye to average, no name products.  Amazon customers are getting smarter and that means you need to elevate your game.  They can help you upgrade your listings, brand pages, and as a result, attract new customers and boost your sales.            

Product Ranking & PPC

  • Between using the right keywords and growth driven PPC strategies, you will soon find yourself not being able to restock your inventory fast enough. ​                                                                                   

Listing Optimization

  • Most Amazon sellers are clueless when it comes to optimizing their product listings!  They see this on a daily basis.  There are so many areas for improvement on Amazon.  They will analyze through your catalog of listings and recommend various improvements to ensure you start capturing a sale instead of your competitor.  

FBA & Logistics

  • Getting your inventory to Amazon is half the battle.  There are a million different ways to manage your inventory but only a few that are efficient and keep your overhead costs low.  FBA can be a burden if you don’t have the right tools and third party services to properly manage your shipments.  They will help you streamline your inventory journey from factory door to Amazon warehouses.  

Product Sourcing & Development

  • There is so much involved with managing your factory oversees or at home.  Between Quality Control checks to regularly renegotiating unit costs, it can be daunting at first.  they’ve dealt with countless factories over the years and learned their language.  .

Review Analysis

  • Too little attention is given to reviews these days.  Guess what?  There’s so much you can do to remove negative reviews, resulting in a boost to your Amazon sales.  Rule of thumb is this: anything under a 4 star rating on your listing is bad news. 

And So Much More

  • International FBA expansion assistance.
  • Brand defense and protection, including removal of counterfeit products. 
  • Selling your Amazon FBA business (Get advice from someone who actually went through it!)
  • Automated customer engagement software. 

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