Flieber uses advanced technology and data analytics to reduce complexity in your e-commerce operations.

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Flieber uses advanced technology and data analytics to reduce complexity in your e-commerce operations. Our platform synchronizes your sales velocity, supply-chain operations and inventory management, and our global team helps you execute on your decisions. Welcome to the Flieber way of doing things!

Stop worrying about problems with your supply-chain

Flieber helps online retailers optimize and efficiently operate their supply-chains. The platform has not only the most robust forecasting tool in the market but it also issues purchase orders to your suppliers, prioritize the products in your portfolio by margin contribution, control stock levels across inventory locations, among many other features. Our clients experience a major reduction in stock-outs and overstocks, while also reducing inventory levels – and, therefore, the capital invested in the company.


Flieber Key Advantages

Increase your sales

Avoid sales interruptions due to stock-outs with state-of-the-art forecasting and efficient purchase order management.

Boost your margins

Prioritize inventory decisions based on the sales and margin contribution of each one of your products.

Optimize your Capital

Have close control of the capital invested in your inventory and easily release capital trapped in excess inventory.

We allow online retailers to focus on marketing and sales again.

With a hands-on approach, we take care of the operations, giving full visibility to the process and turning our clients into decision-makers. No need to deal with suppliers in China in the middle of the night; no need to follow-up with freight forwarders to make sure that the products will arrive on time; no need to find last-minute alternatives to solve a problem that will delay the delivery. 

I used to run my supply-chain with virtual assistants, but the inaccurate forecasting of my spreadsheet was really hurting my business. Flieber’s forecast and their approach to purchase order management made our business simpler and more stable.

With Flieber, I was able to start sending my containers directly from my suppliers in Asia to Amazon FBA in the US, Canada and Europe, which generated huge savings in my logistics process and reduced my lead time in more than 7 days.

Flieber enabled us to plan our financials throughout the year in a way that allowed us to not only save money but also have our products available 100% of the time. We had no idea how much money we were losing due to stock-outs and Flieber solved that with a cost that is just a fraction of those losses.

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