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Neatoscan Inventorym is a barcode-driven marketplace management solution.

Neatoscan Inventorym Modules include receiving, inventory management and listing, shipping, repricing and reporting.

Neatoscan Inventorym


Let’s face it, running an online business is tough. If you are not scouting for inventory you are listing, packing, shipping, repricing, answering emails, etc. It can get overwhelming. They get that. That’s why they created Neatoscan Inventory Manager!

What is it?

Neatoscan Inventorym is a complete turn-key soltution for online sellers that seamlessly integrates with your online business that let you save time, cut costs and increase productivity.

Do you only have 30 seconds to spend? Watch the video they put together that explains it all!

Go on, tell me more!

Wow, where do you begin describing what it all does? Neatoscan Inventory Manager is more than just a listing tool. For example: List an item once and it goes for sale to Amazon, Ebay, Sell a ton of orders? fulfill those orders by printing live postage for each one. Want to stay competitively repriced? Neatoscan Inventory Manager can reprice all your inventory, once an hour or less frequently. Neatoscan Inventory Manager seamlessly integrates with fulfillment by Amazon. And much much more.

Features Include:

Prescanning and receiving

  • Whether a few items or truckloads!
  • Track individual sources for reporting profitability.
  • Customizable product description snippets.
  • Inventory ticket tracking.
  • Touch screen capability.
Neatoscan Inventorym

Inventory Management

  • Track all listings, sales, and items shipped.
  • Customizable packing slips.
  • Process refunds and cancel orders.
  • Complete order management from a single interface!
Neatoscan Inventorym


  • Integrated shipping process.
  • Selects correct shipping method automatically.
  • Automatic order confirmation with Marketplaces.
  • Manifest mailing capabilities!
Neatoscan Inventorym

Customized Preset Rules

  • Accept / Reject rules in Pre-scanning process.
  • Custom tailored repricing.
  • FBA Repricing rules.
  • Expedited & International shipping rules.
  • Delivery and Signature Confirmation Rules

FBA Integration!

  • Create / Manage shipments.
  • List items / print label with SKU immediately!
  • Complete shipment process out the door.


  • Track daily sales, listings, and shipments.
  • Track individual sources.
  • Track types of products sold.
  • Separate FBA and non-FBA reports
  • Detailed profit and sale breakdowns.
  • Reports for any date range desired.

Wow, that’s amazing! How much?

   They charge a small commission off each sale. Anywhere between 1% to 3%. Ok don’t be put off by a percentage. With a percentage commission they have lots of incentive to work really, really hard to make you as much money as possible. They want to be your partner in successful online selling and it works both ways.

What am I going to need?

     It all depends on how large of a seller you are. You will need some equipment to get started. For example a ticket printer, USB scale, integrated Postal Scale. We have all the equipment on hand but chances are you already have most of the equipment.

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