Increase sales by making sure your customers are always happy

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Subivi is a CRM (helpdesk) that helps eBay sellers manage their customer support operation, without any need to open eBay or additional information sources.

Subivi has advanced automation tools, and full eBay support features including returns and cases. It provides a single inbox for multiple eBay accounts, quick-replies and pre-saved Templates, auto-translation and a complete view of customer data.

eBay Customer Support – Made Easy

Increase sales by making sure your customers are always happy

  • Full eBay support, cases & returns included
  • Save time by using Subivi’s automation
  • Manage multiple stores in 1 place


Built to boost up your performance and increase sales

Built for eBay sellers –By eBay sellers

As former eBay sellers, we are aware of the small things that matter to you, we are familiar with the different workflows and know exactly what you need to seamlessly manage your customer support.

We’ve built Subivi so that you could manage your entire customer support cycle in an easy and intuitive way. Our platform is packed with features especially built so that you can close your tickets in the minimum time possible while keeping your customers satisfied and ready for future purchases.

Starting today -Close all of your tickets without opening eBay

We know how frustrating eBay’s messaging and ticketing system can be, which is precisely why you could handle all of your tickets in Subivi without even opening eBay.

Upload labels, issue refunds (full or partial) and update tracking numbers. Subivi is built to support all of eBay’s ticket types, including returns, cases, INS cases, cancellations, and messages.

Tired of jumping between accounts?Good thing you’re here!

As many of us know by now – in a lot of cases, eBay sellers own multiple eBay accounts and stores, some even sell on their own WooCommerce/Magento websites.

Since we know how time-consuming jumping between different accounts and platforms to answer inquiries can be, in Subivi, you can connect an unlimited amount of eBay stores and Gmail accounts, so that all of your tickets appear in 1 place.

It’s the 21st century -About time to automate your business

As business owners, we are often required to perform tedious, repetitive tasks, whether it’s constantly opening and closing an excel sheet with your template message, copy-pasting the customer’s information or sending a ‘thank-you’ message after each new order.

In Subivi, our mission is to identify the most time consuming (and let’s be honest – boring) parts of your customer support operation and making you forget them by giving you the tools fully automate them and save your time and effort.

Stop looking for bits and pieces of information -All of it could be in 1 screen right in front of you.

You’ve just received a message, and you want to close it as fast as possible, now you only need to – open the document with your ready templates, find the necessary order information, check its tracking status and then replace all of the placeholders in the template, piece of cake.

In Subivi, all of this would’ve been done in 2 clicks. Just beside the ticket, you’ll see the entire customer and order information, his order history and all of his past tickets. Also, you can implement pre-made quick replies with smart tags which will pull and implement the required information in the reply instantly.

Stop wasting time on typing -Answer tickets instantly

Are you typing your messages manually and you need to search some document for the correct template to provide a customer with an answer? – there’s no doubt this process is time-consuming.

Join Subivi today, and you won’t need to waste that time ever again. With pre-made templates, you can implement them with just a few quick clicks and smart tags which are replaced with the customer’s/order details instantly so you can shorten your response time to a few seconds.

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