Drive growth on the most valuable marketplaces

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Teikametrics is an Amazon and Walmart ad management platform which helps sellers maximize return on ad spend and concentrate on growing their business and increasing profits.

Teikametrics allows sellers to set up ads with algorithmic keyword bidding, automated keyword actions and goal-based campaign optimization.

Optional managed services are available with support for Walmart marketplace ads, dedicated account manager, platform configuration and training, ad strategy development and more.

AI E-commerce Platform + Managed Services

Drive growth on the most valuable marketplaces

Teikametrics ensures every advertising dollar spent on Amazon & Walmart goes to what matters most: growing your business and increasing profits.


One platform, everything needed to optimize your ecommerce business


Algorithmic Bidding Optimization

Say goodbye to archaic rules-based bidding, say hello to there world-class, machine learning optimization.


Product-level Profitability

See your individual- and account-level profitability, including fees, promotions, and advertising.


Keyword Automation

Put an end to tedious keyword tasks. Leverage there automation to increase spend efficiency, sales, and visibility.


Real Amazon Experts

Their team of experts is here to help. They’re ready to get you started and keep you profitable.

Best-in-class algorithmic bidding

Set your ads up for success with intelligent, algorithmic keyword bidding. They will make sure every bid is set so you’re capturing more sales at the price that makes sense for you.

Teikametrics’ sophisticated approach to ad management, automation data science, and deep expertise has allowed them to conquest additional market share while optimizing within a given budget.


The perfect bid. Every time.

They leverage data from across their entire seller base and combine it with your product margins, conversion rates, and expected sales per conversion to create the perfect keyword bid.

Hourly bid changes

Up to every hour their algorithm reviews your product sales and ad performance to update bids as necessary, always keeping you competitive.

Price-change aware

Never adjust bids again when the price of your product changes or you’ve added a discount code or coupon; let there algorithm do it for you.

Combining technology with expertise

The combination of algorithmic data science with the prowess of expert Amazon analysts They always outperform either alone. Factors like competition, market trends (holidays, Prime Day, and seasonality), and keyword relevancy need to be tuned and accounted for with a human touch. At the same time, the sheer scale and complexity of campaign, keyword, and bid management is far too tedious and nuanced for even the most experienced PPC expert. They will marry the two together, offering you outcomes unobtainable anywhere else.

Measure the incremental impact of advertising on total sales

Teikametrics is the only solution available that can help measure the incremental impact of your advertising and marketing strategies. Their team leverages a data-science led “synthetic counterfactual model”. It’s geek speak for, “They will show you the impact of your marketing changes on the sales revenue of a given product.” Yes, it’s possible.

Track sales changes based on advertising


From entrepreneur to enterprise

Features designed to scale with the challenges you face

Shopper segmentation for both brand and non-brand keywords

Make sure you’re spending efficiently on brand, competitor, and generic keywords. Defend market share or conquest new customers at the right price, every time.

Advertising strategies based on product objective and inventory levels

Use your product objectives and inventory levels as a lever. They allow for granular segmentation to ensure you’re capturing maximum profit.

Custom reporting by business unit, product goal, seasonality, budget pacing, and more

Their level of transparency with performance is there differentiator.

They are with you.
Every step of the way.

Teikametrics isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. They deploy custom strategies, per customer, per objective, and per individual SKU. They make sure to understand your business and goals before strategizing and deploying their technology.

Understand business and goals

Their team of experts take the time to understand your unique business position and goals to create a strategy that will move the needle immediately.

Develop customized strategies

Their strategies are designed through combining your unique business position with their time-tested campaign strategies, keyword segmentation, and reporting capabilities.

Deploy. Optimize. Analyze.

You sell, they will deal with the rest. They bring you the power of a go to market strategy, best-in-class technology, and the transparency you need to understand performance.

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