Amazon Launched Account Health Score (Beta)

So finally Amazon has decided to give access to Amazon health rating to sellers, those who doenst know about the ratings, It is an evaluation of your account and it gives a clear picture to Amazon investigator about your Account and they can decide how to handle your complaint , If your score is very good , it means investigator has nothing much to worry about and he can simply give you a warning and annonate your account with the action.

However if you account score is bad or in red , It will prompt the investigator to search for other releted issue or they may go for more detailed review of your account, Remember you will face suspension if there is a major breach like INR claims or forge invoices, So no matter how good your matrix , they will suspend you immediately.

This new Amazon rating system is in the beta and not yet launched for all sellers but I believe this is a postitive developement from Amazon.

Very important updates from Amazon 
1. IPI minimum threshold requirement is changed from 400 to 500.
2. ASIN-level quantity limits.
3. Free Removal Orders beginning July 14, 20

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