eBay will not increase the fee for Digital Services Tax

eBay will not increase the fee for Digital Services Tax

I am not sure if eBay is being fair to sellers or eBay wants to keep their sellers happy but you will be surprised to note that eBay has announced that eBay will not increase the fee for sellers inorder to cover the Digital services tax of 2%

This is a good news and may put a little pressure on Amazon, As you are aware that Amazon has already increased the price in EU country to cover the online tax.

“Under the current international tax framework, the value businesses derive from user participation is not taken into account when allocating the profits of business between different countries. This measure will ensure the large multinational businesses in-scope make a fair contribution to supporting vital public services.”

– HM Revenue & Customs

I would like to give eBay a big thumbsup for their stand on the fee and hopefully others will follow the suit , namely Amazon!

“eBay is one of the marketplaces which will have to pay the new tax – and a lot of you have asked whether we at eBay will be passing on this tax to our sellers in the form of new fees.


We wanted to reassure you that we won’t do that, so you will not be charged additional new fees as a result of this tax.


A big thank you to all 300,000 of you who sell on our platform and continue to make eBay a diverse and vibrant marketplace for sellers of all sizes.”

– eBay UK

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