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Amazon Sellers Attorney is a suspension appeals service supervised by attorneys. Their services include seller suspension appeals, listing hijacking removal, ASIN reinstatement, trademark and patent registration, plans of action, escalations and arbitration.

Licensed Amazon seller’s attorney for Amazon seller suspension appeals, listing removal appeals, listing hijacking, plans of action, escalations and arbitration.

It provides a free consultation to get Amazon seller accounts and listings reinstated.

Amazon Sellers Attorney

Amazon Seller Suspension? Amazon Sellers Attorney is your Amazon Seller Appeal Solution for a Speedy Reinstatement

Don’t suffer with an Amazon seller suspension.  They win Amazon Seller Appeals for their clients! Get a free consultation with their Amazon Lawyers for:

  • ?Amazon Seller Appeal 
  • Reinstate Amazon Deactivated Account
  • Amazon ASIN reinstatement
  • If your ASIN or Amazon account is suspended, get a qualified Amazon lawyer for:
    • Amazon Appeal
    • The Amazon Seller Suspension Appeal
    • Amazon Deactivated Account
    • The Amazon Suspended Account
    • Amazon Seller Reinstatement
    • Vendor Central suspension
    • ASIN Deactivated
    • Amazon Seller Account Suspended
    • Trademark and patent registration
    • All your E Commerce  law needs
  • Fixed fees with unlimited revisions
  • Free Escalations of Amazon Seller Appeals included
  • Full 24 hour telephone and chat support with a team of experienced consultants supervised by Amazon Seller Lawyers.
  • Supervised by lawyers.  Better success rates than any Amazon Seller Appeal Service.   Talk to their Amazon appeal experts today.
Amazon Sellers Attorney

Meet Their Supervising Amazon Appeal Attorney – Kenneth Eade

?They started Amazon Sellers Attorney after their own Amazon Seller Account had been wrongfully suspended.  Mr. Eade is an attorney with over 30 years of experience in the field and expert knowledge on how to write winning Amazon appeals and plans of action. Get your free consultation today!

Amazon Sellers Lawyer Services

Amazon Sellers Attorney

?Amazon seller suspension appeals

One moment, you are in business and taking orders, and the next moment, your find your Amazon account suspended or deactivated with little or no notice and your  Amazon selling privileges removed. It’s time to get it back!  Their Amazon appeal service is the best.

Amazon Sellers Attorney

?Multiple/ Related Amazon Seller Account Appeals

Having more than one Amazon seller account or being related to a person or company that has more than one Amazon seller account without a legitimate reason is grounds for suspension.  

Amazon Sellers Attorney

Verification Suspension Appeals

Amazon will put you through the verification process when you first open an account and anytime you change something on your account. Avoid or fight suspension!


Forged/ manipulated documentation

This is an issue  that has seen many sellers suspended and Amazon is in the process of cracking down. Be careful, when Amazon asks you for documentation to authenticate products.


?Inauthentic item suspensions

Whether you have invoices or not, with a good plan of action written by an Amazon attorney, you can succeed to reinstate your Amazon account. 


IP law for Amazon sellers

If you face an intellectual property infringement, their Amazon lawyers can write an Amazon infringement appeal and letter to the rights holder demanding a retraction, and prepare a well-drafted  Amazon intellectual property rights infringement appeal.


Amazon ASIN Reinstatement

Amazon will deactivate a listing for many different reasons.  They are there to help you with the right plan of action to reactivate your ASIN. 


Amazon Account Suspended for Fraud or illegal activity

Amazon will suspend a seller account often without notice when it suspects the account was used for fraud or illegal activity. Their team will help you uncover why.


Amazon seller account hacked

When hackers hack into your account Amazon will also suspend it. Now it is up to you to show Amazon you have made your seller account hack proof. They can help!

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