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Offense and Defense for Amazon Sellers

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AMZ Tracker is a set of tools designed to improve Amazon keyword rankings (SEO). It includes keyword rank tracking, an ethical review club, on page analyzer, sales tracking, and more.

Offense and Defense for Amazon Sellers

Introducing the only software for Amazon that grows rankings and helps you keep them.


AMZ Tracker

 Offensive Strategy

Thrive with Amazon’s A9 algorithm. Quickly reach first page rankings through promotions, conversion rate optimization and competitor analysis.

Promote Your Products to Millions

Sales velocity is one of the most important factors of your Amazon rankings, and doing promotions is the most direct way of getting you the sales velocity you need.

With over 2,000,000 registered shoppers, is not only one of the largest Amazon deal sites in the world, but also the gateway of getting you the consistent sales needed to rank high and dominate your marketplace.

AMZ Tracker
AMZ Tracker

Keyword Tracking

Know where your products are ranking for their keywords with one glance. Track your competitor’s products so you can see when they make a change that works.

AMZ Tracker
AMZ Tracker

Defensive Strategy

Negative Review Alerts

Get alerts whenever your customers leave less than 5-star reviews (1-4 stars). Respond to them immediately for the best chance of raising the rating.

Hijack Alerts

Get an alert when a seller tries to hijack your listing. Reclaim it before they gather crucial data on your product and market, inspiring them to compete with you full-time.


Keyword Research Tool

Use AMZ Tracker’s advanced keyword research tool to find words and phrases customers are searching. Find keywords your competitor’s are missing.

Higher ranking with the highest converting keywords while avoiding other keywords that wasted advertising dollars and content space.

Mine Longtails With Deepwords

AMZ Tracker members get access to Deepwords, the ultimate long-tail keyword search engine for Amazon sellers. Find super high converting keywords that most keyword tools miss.

There are many additional features offered. The ability to track your competitors sales. This is always a good marker to compare your marketing efforts against.



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