All your Amazon data in one powerful dashboard.

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ConnectBooks is software for Amazon sellers that integrates Amazon data into QuickBooks. It allows sellers to report on expenses, revenues, storage, shipping and advertising and to manage inventory and monitor product performance.

Additional features include data entry, software administration and payroll processing services.

ConnectBooks is the integration plugin helping third party sellers truly understand what’s going on under the hood.ConnectBooks is an Amazon accounting software designed designed for one-and-done convenience. Install it once and things run on autopilot, with 6 months’ worth of data auto-imported in minutes.

Your data, your way

3 powerful ways to take control:


Live reports and sales dashboard


Amazon Summary QuickBooks integration
to match your Amazon 1099


Amazon Inventory
tracking QuickBooks integration

All your
Amazon accounting data,auto-compiled

Easy has never looked better. All your transactional data is compiled and organized with seamless synchronization.

Your at-a-dash dashboard

A glance tells you more. So you can take control of financials, understand your strengths, and optimize future sales.


Summary or detailQuickBooks integration

Have it your way. Get sales reports, return adjustments and fee identification at whatever level of detail that delights you.



See all your important data in one unified place, and know what your business is up to in an instant.

Sales Reports

Read between the lines of sales data to understand where product/process improvements will boost profits

Inventory Reports

Eliminate the common risks of overordering, underordering, and marketplace ranking loss due to unavailability

Quickbooks Integration

Import your data into QuickBooks with the industry’s most powerful integration

Comprehensive bookkeeping and financial services

If you’re looking for comprehensive bookkeeping and financial services in addition to Connectbooks software access, ask about them  Bottom-line Bundle. This package provides you with the same services as there Amazon to Quickbooks Inventory integration package, with more innovative features thrown in.

  • Software administration
  • Complete data and bill entry
  • Payroll processing
  • Strategic tax prep
  • Capital planning

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