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Eastern Prep Service provides FBA prep, fulfillment, and storage services to private label and wholesale sellers. These work with both domestic US and international sellers.

They are located near the NJ/NY ports and to the NY/NJ Commercial Zone.

Eastern Prep Service receives, inspects, labels, preps, and ships products for FBA sellers. They specialize in apparel, footwear, toys and other product categories.

They feature:

  • FAST TURNAROUND : Consistent 24-48 hours or less turnaround!
  • SIMPLE PRICING : Simple and transparent. You will know exactly what you pay per unit.
  • AMAZON FBA SUPPLY CHAIN CONNECT SERVICE : Never allow any 3rd party access or limited access to your Seller Central Account
  • COMPLIMENTARY EQUIPMENT : No hidden costs. They include FREE loading and unloading of pallets. NO LIFTGATE REQUIRED saves you money
  • NO CONTRACTS : They have pay as you go pricing. Simple No Contract Service.
  • NO SUBSCRIPTIONS : Don’t obligate yourself to reserving capacity that you don’t need and that you’ll ultimately lose. Just Pay as you go.
  • ANY SCALE CAPACITY : They work with small one-person businesses to large, corporate sized organizations.


They use Amazon FBA supply Chain Connect service

The benefits of Supply Chain Connect include:

  • Safety and Security: They do NOT need to log into your Seller account!
  • They log in to their own portal to process your FBA Shipments
  • They enter and upload box-content information into the portal and immediately download FBA shipment and item labels
  • You do not expose all your proprietary FBA shipment information to any Supplier
  • You invite Suppliers and you can revoke suppliers access at any time

Eastern Prep Service Process

Eastern Prep Service

You Ship

You fill out their simple packing list form so they know what to expect.
You Ship directly to their address.

Eastern Prep Service

They Prep

They receive your shipment, do a surface carton inspection, count your quantities and send you a verified file to upload to amazon to create your shipping plan.
Also ,they will receive notification when you uploaded your plan and then they prep your merchandise, print your FNKSU’s, upload box content info, print shipping labels and handle pickups with Amazon partnered carriers.

Eastern Prep Service


Generally within 24-48 hours of delivery, your shipment will be completely processed and shipped.
You’ll receive an email from them with the itemized invoice that details your processed items. Payable by credit card or PayPal.


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