FeedStation is a cloud-based platform that specializes in solving integration problems for ecommerce companies.

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Connect. Automate. And also Optimize.

FeedStation is the only managed solution built by sellers for sellers that automates and also optimizes your complex eCommerce workflows.

FeedStation supports online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Jet, also Walmart, and more. They integrate seamlessly with back-office systems like QuickBooks, and also communicate directly with affiliates, also distributors, and also third-party drop-shippers.

FeedStation’s next-gen integration services solve the confusion and also headaches involved with marketplaces and channels.


Custom workflows

Seamlessly connect and also operate in ways that make sense for your business.


They handle marketplaces and channels for you.

FeedStation supports the most popular and also competitive marketplaces, shopping channels, and also storefronts.




24/7 Monitoring with powerful insights.

Get performance insights into every marketplace with comprehensive testing and also around-the-clock monitoring.

Connect your business, your way

FeedStation connects and also monitors every marketplace, channel, and also system your eCommerce business relies on.


Get connected, running, and also optimized in no time


Focus on what you’re good at while we manage your solution for you.


No wasted time. No training. Also Nothing unnecessary to get in the way


Fixed monthly rates and also zero commissions on orders.

Feedstation channel feed management

Powerful technology that makes eCommerce easier

Business Rules

Make any conceivable business rule a reality. Completely optimize your listings, pricing, and also inventory.

Custom Workflows

Redefine what’s possible. Seamlessly connect and also operate in ways that make sense for your business.


Control complex behaviors across different marketplaces and also workflows.


FeedStation automation frees you to focus on your business. You can also rely on us to keep everything running and up-to-date,



Comprehensive testing ensures quality and also helps prevent small oversights from becoming costly mistakes.


Get regular reports delivered right to your inbox, also whenever you want it. It’s up to you!


Glean insights into how you’re performing on every marketplace. Use real-world data to make mission-critical decisions that impact your business.


24/7 monitoring makes sure you don’t fall behind when something goes wrong.


Built-in security ensures your business data and also communications are always safe.

Advanced capabilities

Listings and inventory

FeedStation optimizes your product listings and keeps them up-to-date at all times. Coordinating complex inventory and pricing streams happens automatically

Shipping and tracking

Fulfillment data is automatically sent to the right channels at the right time. FeedStation tracks every package for pickup, delivery, and every step in-between.


Never miss an order. FeedStation syncs every order on every channel and nothing ever gets lost. Seamlessly send order data to multiple systems for processing.


Reach more customers with special, domain-specific data marketplaces and channels require.

feedstation mulit-channel management

Advanced capabilities

Integrate anything

Back-office systems

Engage with the systems and also programs you use to run your business – from ERPs, accounting, POS, also to on-premises proxy apps.

Purchase orders and invoices

Automatically import purchase orders .And also generate invoices from any source.

Suppliers and resellers

Streamline communications with suppliers and also resellers. Also Make sure everyone always has the most up-to-date information available.

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