Online Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers

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Fetcher is an Amazon profit analytics tool. A personalized dashboard provides a daily snapshot of overall sales, expenses, and profitability. Cost of goods sold (COGS) analysis tracks PPC spending, Amazon fees, shipping costs and more. A profit and loss statement helps sellers manage their business and handle taxes.

Online Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers


1. They Fetch your data

It only takes 1 minute to sync your Amazon account – after that, They will automatically import all historical data.


2. Their software runs the calculations

Fetcher calculates your business critical metrics like profit, PPC, refunds, fees and more – updated every minute.


3. You get your finance stats

Rest easy – your accurate financial metrics are at your fingertips helping you make better business decisions.

93% of customers say Fetcher is essential for running their Amazon business.


Sell More Products

Fetcher shows you whats working and whats not. Double down on whats working to grow your Amazon business.

Earn Back Hours

Ditch messy excel files and get out of Seller Central. Fetcher customers on average save 14 hours per month using the easy to read dashboard, P&L statement and per product breakdown.

Know Your Accurate Metrics

Unlike Seller Central – Fetcher factors in PPC, Promos, Fees, Product Costs and more to give you accurate, real business metrics.


Metrics you can act on

  • Product breakdown on a per ASIN basis
  • Pay Per Click cost and sales analysis
  • Product promotion tracking and real costs
  • Amazon fees – storage, FBA and everything else
  • Refund tracking with comparisons and costs
  • Costs of Goods Sold tracking and calculations
  • Inventory dashboard
  • Professional Profit and Loss Statement
  • Daily sales and profit email

How do you set up Fetcher?

It only takes 1minute to link your Amazon Seller Central account to Fetcher. You only need to link this up once, after that, the only thing you need to do is add your Cost of Goods Sold to get complete and accurate business stats.

Why does Fetcher need access to your seller account?

Fetcher runs in the background, importing new sales and data every minute. To prevent you from manually having to enter data, it will need to sync up to your Seller Central account using Amazon’s API (application program interface).

It’s fastest and most efficient way for Fetcher to automate your business stats.



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