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Freestyle MOM Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) is the company’s flagship on-premise platform, which has been developed for over 25 years as a mid-market order and inventory management system.

Freestyle MOM ‘s order processing and fulfillment engine provides an order import, inventory management, order management, POS, and customer service automation solution for fulfillment center and ecommerce businesses.

Order & Inventory Management Software for Serious eCommerce

You’ve got a tough order processing, inventory tracking, purchasing and fulfillment challenge facing you. Only Freestyle MOM Solutions’ Multichannel Order Management’s (M.O.M.)  inventory management software offers the biggest feature set in the industry, with everything you need to automate, track, control and unify your back office for great visibility, utmost efficiency and superior customer service.

Freestyle MOM

Multichannel Management

Freestyle’s M.O.M. is the industry leading order, inventory and customer management software solution.

Freestyle MOM

Order Management

Manage every order from every channel with one effective solution. Automates & consolidate fulfillment workflows.

Freestyle MOM

Inventory Management

Inventory management software needs to be nimble enough to analyze & consolidate all channels for real time info.

Freestyle MOM
Shipping & Drop Shipping

Carrier penalties & shipping delays are a thing of the past with M.O.M.’s integrated shipping functionality.

Freestyle MOM

Business Intelligence

Powerful tools, reports & tracking that allow you to make informed, detailed decisions about your business.

Freestyle MOM

Optional Modules

More than a dozen add-on software modules to customize your OMS to the exact needs of your business.

Essential OMS solutions that integrate seamlessly and easily

M.O.M. drives efficiency, productivity, insight and growth.

Find out why your OMS must have five critical features to help your business grow and to keep customers coming back. Our new “The Five Capabilities Your OMS May Lack” eBook explains more.

Freestyle MOM

Online sales tax solutions for eCommerce

Stay compliant and on top of evolving state sales tax nexus rules.

The evolving State Sales Tax Nexus rules and reporting place a burden on your team. The solution eCommerce businesses rely on is to juggle spreadsheets because they don’t have an easy-to-manage process. At Freestyle, we’ve worked hard to make the process easy, and we have a sales tax solution to fit your eCommerce needs.

Industry eBooks

Download ebooks about multichannel management, order management, inventory management and shipping.

Product Videos

Watch product videos about what our Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) inventory, order and customer management solution can do for you.

Solution Sheets

Find solution sheets to explore which Freestyle order management and inventory management solution is right for you.

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