Informed is a competitive repricing platform that helps online businesses drive profits using smart algorithms and actionable insights.

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Description is an intelligent repricing platform that helps online sellers grow their business by keeping their prices competitive. It eliminates the need for manual pricing research by regularly adjusting prices using repricing strategies.

The tool for online sellers who want to increase Q4 sales and profits.

It will provide you with the fastest repricing strategies and advanced analytics tools so you can make more sales and win more Buy Boxes.

Supporting a growing number of Amazon marketplaces

Win more Buy Boxes

It’s customers increase Buy Box ownership by an average of 63% in their first two weeks.

Stay competitive 24/7

Their repricing algorithms work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to constantly keep your prices competitive so you can maximize sales and profits in your sleep.

Grow your business with ease

It provides all the tools to expand your business, including advanced revenue analytics and custom recommendations tailored to your business.

“Informed monitors listings and automatically adjusts prices based on the repricing model it choose. This has freed up team’s time to accelerate growth – focusing on marketing and developing great products to reach more consumers.”

Algorithmic Repricing Strategies

Stay one step ahead of the competition 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using machine-learning algorithms.

Win and keep the Buy Box Get The Buy Box algorithm adjusts your prices in response to competition in order to win you more Buy Boxes and increase your sales. You can even stay competitive when Amazon suppresses the Buy Box thanks to it’s exclusive Suppressed Buy Box strategy options.

Maximize profits and sales when you have no competition Sales Velocity algorithm automatically adjusts your prices when there’s no competition. The strategy can ensure that you sell your items by a certain date, or it can focus on maximizing your profits while maintaining a sales velocity of your choice.

Get Featured Merchant Status Compete Against Featured Merchant algorithm maximizes your chances of winning the Buy Box by only competing against sellers that are eligible for it. Flexible options allow you to compete differently against FBA, MFN, SFP, and Amazon.

Customize your repricing strategy or build one from scratch Build Your Own strategy option lets you control exactly who you’d like to compete against and how you want to be repriced.



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