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Work anywhere in the world with Khaos Control Cloud

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Choosing the right solution for your business

Khaos Control has been helping businesses of all sizes manage and streamline their core processes for the last twenty years. From stock control, multichannel order processing to integrated ICAEW accredited accounting, our revolutionary products put businesses in control, by delivering laser-focused clarity.

Cloud-based business management tool (ERP) that helps online retailers and wholesalers manage all aspects of their business, from their day to day processes to their more automated processes. Control stock, couriers, orders, purchasing, CRM, promotions, reports, accounts, and more.

Work anywhere in the world with Khaos Control Cloud

Our cloud ERP software manages each aspect of your business, so you can concentrate on growing it. Get complete flexibility and freedom with the ability to work on any device, anywhere in the world, and gain control with all-in-one functionality as you’ve never seen before.

What cloud ERP software helps with

A system like Khaos Control Cloud helps with the entire order process, from when an order is placed, through to its delivery to the customer. By streamlining your orders, automatically allocating stock and providing direct integrations with a range of couriers, you’ll save time on the manual processes that hold you back, and reduce the chance of human error.

Complete control over your stock replenishment

At the core of the system is an incredible capacity to manage and streamline all your stock control demands. Instantly see how much stock you have in, how much more your business needs based on pre-set levels, and when it’s time to get in touch with suppliers. Our supplier price list also means no longer frantically searching for old purchase orders or confirming price breaks – the data is all there for you. Utilizing drop shipping services? No problem. Our purchase order system fully supports drop shipping.

Pick, pack and despatch lines made simple

What sets our system apart from most is the ability to manage complex scenarios such as Barcode Automation, batch rule, courier bindings, and more. These features allow for an entirely integrated and automated way of handling your pick, pack, and dispatch lines – ultimately making the work of your warehouse operatives that much easier.

A more integrated way of working

From accounting software like Xero to channels such as Amazon and Shopify, we’re proud to offer such a mix of different integrations for Khaos Control Cloud.

For nearly all our multichannel selling customers, the ability to easily sync stock levels between different selling platforms is a crucial part of their business strategy. Within the system it’s as easy as toggling our ‘Stock Level Synchronization’ feature and watching the stock levels update almost instantly on your selling channel, from the real-time data being updated within the system.

Supplier management

Stay on top of changes, risks and opportunities with our supply chain management tools.

Returns management

Easily process and manage your customer returns, and transform them into opportunities for retention.

Courier management

Find the perfect setup with numerous shipping options and control over your whole shipping process.


Create a variety of reports to display key information, like the number of products sold every year.

Reports management

Our accurate and robust reporting functionality allows you to see the ‘big picture’ and identify trends over time.

Accounts management

Manage your accounts, process your VAT and file your tax returns straight to HMRC.

Khaos Control Cloud is your hub

Our solution provides oversight and control over each part of your business. With a cloud ERP system becoming your main hub, you can access your sales, purchases, promotions, marketplaces, and much more with ease.

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