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Federal Trademark and Copyright Registration. They offer a FLAT-FEE service.

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LA Law Group consists of licensed attorneys who were prior Amazon sellers and vendors. Services include Amazon seller suspension appeals, listing removal appeals.

The process begins with an investigation of seller performance, customer metrics and alleged policy violations that caused the suspension, which are then analyzed to develop a plan of action

eCommerce Solutions

LA Law Group

They offer a wide range of eCommerce solutions including Amazon Account Reinstatements, Chargebacks and disputes, Brand Protection and Intellectual Property Violations.

When working with LA Law Group, sellers no longer need to worry about any private information being revealed or disclosed to any third parties.  This is because when dealing with a licensed attorney, the Attorney-Client privilege provides that all communications discussed between an attorney and client are 100% confidential by law and not subject to disclosure.

Intellectual Property

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

For a business or an individual, intellectual property can be a valuable asset. Authors, inventors, scriptwriters, artists, songwriters and other creative people have rights to their creations. But when someone else does not respect copyrights or patents and coopts intellectual property, it can be expensive to fight back — unless you hire the right law firm.

When They Take a Case, They Are Fully Committed

  • They have a stake in the results (Contingency Cases) They don’t ask for hourly fees. In fact, they finance the case completely. They only collect fees if they win for their clients. That is a great incentive for fighting hard for our clients.
  • They only take cases we feel theycan win.  Their clients know that they believe in them and in their intellectual property rights. It takes time and money for IP litigation. They go into every case with the conviction that they will win for their clients.
  • They have a sense of outrage.  When large corporations and businesses use their teams of lawyers to bully the small guy –  They want to fight back — and they do. To them, IP litigation cases are more than lawsuits about money and legal issues. They are also about justice.  They fight to get the right results.
  • Trial Experience: They know how to prepare a case for trial, find the appropriate expert witnesses, de-mystify the law for jurors and stand up to the big businesses that defy the rights of others.

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