Grow your profit with Machine Learning

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m19 is an Amazon advertising automation tool, using AI technology to optimize ads. m19 works with Amazon Sponsored Products ads, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display.

Features include campaign creation, bid optimization, keywords extraction, competitor targeting and detailed and easy-to-use dashboards.


Grow your profit with Machine Learning

Performance, Control and Time-Saving on Amazon Sponsored Campaigns

  1. Sales Growth: +25% (same ACOS)
  2. Simplicity of use: 15 hours/week saved
  3. Insights: Per search term, ASIN, country…
  4. Trusted 3rd party: Share sensitive data with M19

Through Artificial Intelligence, M19 empowers brands and sellers to stand out on Amazon.


What makes M19 different?

#1 – Grow your profit with Machine Learning

+ 25% sales in less than 3 months (same ACOS)

Their team of Machine learning & AdTech veterans continuously update M19 machine learning algorithms. They are constantly improving all predictions models to bring more value and accuracy to There clients.


#2 – Simplicity makes you gain time

Gain 15 hours in average per week in sponsored campaigns management

Define your high level strategy in a minute:

  1. Select your products
  2. Set a Target ACOS
  3. M19 AI creates campaign structure
  4. Also M19 AI sets bids in real time to reach your targets

M19 board will automatically handle all the following on your behalf :

  • Campaigns structure
  • Keywords extraction
  • Products targeting

It also offers:

  • Brand Protection
  • Competition pre defined tactics
  • Totally customizable tactics to refine your strategy

#3 – Business Expansion made easy

Wanting to reach new markets?

This is present everywhere Amazon Advertising is present, and can support your market expansion in a few clicks.

Having new products to launch?

This algorithm support you with the ability to set up aggressive Target ACOS to make your product launch easy.

M19 easy to use board provides a complete feature set to optimize your Amazon Sponsored Campaigns

Machine Learning

ML Powered Engine

Target ACOS & Target Budget

Benefit from one of the most sophisticated Machine Learning algorithms. Set a Target ACOS and let our Machine Learning Algorithms optimize campaign structure and bids on real time.

For those of you having budget constraints, set a Target Daily budget on top of your Target ACOS. Our algorithm will switch from one target to the other, respecting the higher constraint.



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