Your order work-flow is now automated

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Online sellers can use Orderhive to streamline inventory and order fulfillment across channels such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento, etc.

Orderhive supports multi-warehousing, users, purchase orders, real-time integrations, auto-inventory update, shipment tracking, business reports, and much more.

Your order work-flow is now automated

Track and manage your inventory in real-time across multiple channels for your fast growing brands with Orderhive, and widen your eCommerce reach.


Major startups and enterprises trust Orderhive!

Orderhive powers 5500+ eCommerce companies across the globe.
And with these superheroes wearing Orderhive as a cape, we have become more responsible, and feature-loaded.


eCommerce automation at your fingertips.

Orderhive is an ecommerce automation platform that helps you save your time and focus on growing your business.
With Orderhive, it’s easy to automate tasks within your operations and across your apps.


eCommerce Automation

Automates daily tasks based on multiple preset
triggers and desired actions, saving you time,
costs and repetitive manual intervention


Inventory Control

Learn everything about inventory control,
and various other facets of stock


Order Management

Order fulfillment from warehouse to
customers, facilitates multi-currency,
back-orders, team-collaboration, etc.

Shipping Management

Lowest rates, real-time tracking, automated
exception handling with integrations over
200+ shipping carriers.

Manufacturing Management

Improvise production process by helping
manufacturers to ease-out on advanced work
orders, bill of materials, etc.

Purchase Management

Simplifies purchase management with features
like barcode, automated PO creation,
multi-currency transactions, etc.

Return Management

Maximize value recovery with reduced
turnaround time; receiving returns to
managing refunds.

Analysis and Reports

Offers real-time access to reports & analytics
with insights into inventory & orders, aids
actionable data-driven decisions.

Invoicing and Payments

Facilitates payments & invoicing through
software like QB & Xero, provides key financial
data for better decision-making.

Warehouse Management

Automates warehouse workflows and
fulfillment cycles with faster, optimized picking
& packing processes.

Integrate everything that you rely on.

Get your sales orders, send stock updates & order updates, buy shipping labels and accept payments
with Orderhive – the best multi-channel eCommerce inventory management software.

Your warehouse in your pocket.

Empower your inventory & warehouse management functions with mobile-friendly Orderhive support.

Unlock the power of ‘Enterprise’.

Orderhive Enterprise is here to make your life easier by automating your process.
Reduce your operational costs and grow your business with our enterprise inventory management software that’s tailored
to your business needs.



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