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Panotora Amazon Product Photography specializes in product photography for Amazon listings.

Also,Panotora Amazon Product Photography take professional, sharp and high-quality photos including product shots, lifestyle shots, graphic design, and 360 degree videos.

Panotora Amazon Product Photography has studios in North Vancouver, BC (Canada) and Bellingham, WA (USA).

Product Photography


What they do:

A great product image is an integral part of a successful online store/business (e-commerce). They will provide you with professional looking, sharp and high-resolution images. They also shoot images for your listings on Amazon, Shopify and eBay.

PANOTORA specializes in Product and Commercial Photography for all types of products including:

-Fashion products
-Commercial products
-Beauty Products and Cosmetics
-Food and drinks

  • For Amazon Product Photography.
  • For food and drinks photography samples.
  • Also available: 360 Degree Product Spin Photography .
  • For high-end commercial product photos.
  • For Jewelry and Watches.


How they do it:

  • In their studio, they use state-of-the-art studio lighting equipment to capture high-quality photos.
  • They use a very high-resolution professional level DSLR together with special lenses that are extremely sharp and have zero distortion.
  • Tiny objects will be shot with high quality macro lenses, capable of capturing smallest details.
  • They are capable of photographing your metallic/reflective products.
  • Every photo will be fully Edited; i.e., colors will be adjusted to accurately represent the real product; highlights/shadows will be optimized; any imperfection that does not appear on the actual product, will be touched up.
  • You have several choices of image background, such as plain white, black, Grey, Silver, Gold, transparent, to name a few.

Jewellery Photography

Panotora: Product Photographer, Vancouver, BC, Canada

They provide very high resolution, fully edited images of your jewellery (jewelry), rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, cufflinks, watches, etc. Your precious items will look like never before in our pictures. The photographs can be in any crop and size based on your needs.

Their services include various cut and uncut gemstones and minerals such as, diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald, cubic zirconia, moissanite, amber, coral, precious metals, beads, shells, and any other precious stones.

Jewelry photography is a challenging task. The lighting is a key component towards getting the ideal refraction inside the stone while minimizing unwanted reflections and glare. In addition, the depth of field is extremely shallow and it is hard to have the entire item in focus. To make the matters worse, camera and lens cast a back shadow on the stone and make the entire item look black.

They have come up with a formula that minimizes all those negative effects and ensures the highest resolution possible. They also edit out the minuscule chips, dust and scratches that may detract from a perfect image. Colours will be carefully adjusted to represent the item correctly. They take photos in a way that the entire item is in focus while having the maximum details and resolution. Plus,They use a method called focus stacking to achieve this.

They use very high-end cameras and lenses together with effective, punchy lighting equipment. They also utilize various software for colour correction, retouching and rendering. We have developed several DIY accessories and modifiers that is unique to us and are not commercially available.

For valuable items, They can travel to your location. Reasonable travel fees may be charged for travels outside of BC and Canada. All photos come with unlimited revisions until you are fully pleased with the result.

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