Profit Whales PPC Automate

Turn Ad Spend into Ad Investment to Accelerate your Amazon Business Growth.

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The Profit Whales PPC Automate optimizes Amazon PPC advertising campaigns, using one of four business goals: organic profit, organic boost, product liquidation or product launch.

Changes are applied automatically then monitored to track the results.

It provide performance metrics and help sellers decide what strategy changes to make.

Turn Ad Spend into Ad Investment to Accelerate
your Amazon Business Growth.
Powered by Big Data & Data Science

Profit Whales PPC Automate

Smart Bid for every Ad position

Stay ahead of the competition with their smart bidding technology that is based on 16+ metrics

Profit Whales PPC Automate

The customers will see you everywhere
Programmatic Algorithms + Managed Service

Profit Whales PPC Automate

Custom strategies tailor-made for
your Amazon Business

At Profit Whales, They understand the needs of our clients very clearly. Whatever the goals are, They will create a custom advertising strategy aligned with the overall brand strategy to achieve the highest profitability with maximum efficiency.

Profit Whales PPC Automate

The #1 Amazon Advertising software for
your business

Profit Whales is the platform that has everything you need to optimize your Amazon Business.

Easy to Master

User-friendly design that makes easy to navigate your account so you’ll never miss out on what’s important.

Profit Whales PPC Automate

Data-Driven Bidding

Profit Whales uses proprietary machine learning and algorithm-regulated software. It has already processed over two million real-life Amazon account iterations. And now it is ready to serve your business.

Profit Whales PPC Automate

Keyword Automation

Harvesting good keywords for a PPC campaign is a daunting task. Profit Whales Automation takes care of that for you. And it keeps testing new ones for active campaigns to achieve optimal performance.

Profit Whales PPC Automate

Interactive Dashboard

Profit Whales PPC Automate provides a user-friendly dashboard that highlights the most important metrics of your Amazon business, as well as quick, 2-way control tools to stay on top of any situation and stay ahead of competition.

Profit Whales PPC Automate

Dedicated Account

Every customer is assigned a dedicated manager who is experienced in both Amazon Ads optimization and the clockworks of Profit Whales software.

Create ready-to-go
Amazon PPC campaigns

using Zero to Hero Tool

It takes just a few minutes to set up! They made this part easy, intuitive, and for any level user.

Zero to Hero is excellent at quickly gathering lots of relevant keywords and target ASINs that will start driving sales right away. No need for a warm-up period (normally associated with manually creating new PPC campaigns).

Zero to Hero takes a few minutes to do its work. Come back shortly after and check on your Seller Central Campaigns Manager to see the new campaigns already up and running!

Patented Profit Whales
PPC campaign structure

For Every Ad Instrument

Amazon Advertising Campaigns are more than a set of folders that house your targeting keywords, negatives, bids, and ASIN’s. They are a sharp tool to not only keep your different approaches and advertising techniques separate, but also to advertise in a controlled and accountable manner.

A unique Ad Campaign structure is used for Sponsored Product, Display, and Brand campaigns. Profit Whales offers its unique, time-proven PPC Campaign structure. This structure leverages both our PPC management experience and successful tests on dozens of big brands on Amazon.

Goal-driven algorithms

Profit Whales Automated PPC Optimization Tool is smart software. And to start working correctly, it requires a strategy to pursue.

Pick one that suits your Amazon business goals best! Automation software utilizes a ton of data to gauge the performance of PPC campaigns. It conducts its daily optimization following the selected strategy.

Algorithmic bid

Keyword level optimization is based on profitability, organic and PPC position, and other factors.

Bid optimization is usually a large chunk of a PPC optimization routine, and it’s all about increasing or decreasing bids based on recent performance history.

Profit Whales automated optimization ensures that your product is always positioned at a bid’s “sweet spot.” Their smart bidding algorithm allows it to arrive there much faster than under manual optimization, giving their experts time to do the job that machines can’t.

Carefully monitor
product data and
act on it

Unlike PPC managers, the Automation tool is always on standby to act. More so, it takes into account multiple metrics before making any decisions.

So be it a major jump in ACoS due to a competitor’s aggressive advertising or a subtle shift in a number of organic sales due to better BSR — it will not go unnoticed by their software.

Automation is capable of actively managing PPC campaigns. It can execute both subtle changes and sharp, protective alterations while running the campaigns.

It delivers changes where they will be most effective for your product sales and verifies the results 24/7.

Product-level Metrics

Log in to immediately see your individual product or account level profitability over any given period, changes in advertising effectiveness, etc.

Their interface allows for the ability to group key metrics from across all advertising boards (for example, all the keywords from different ad groups) to quickly find the most significant deviations and take immediate actions to stay on top of any situation.

Track the impact of ads on your organic sales

This is their favorite part! It’s well known across all Amazon Sellers that an intelligent and well-guided Sponsored Ads Campaigns (be it Sponsored Product, Display, or Sponsored Brands) is capable of boosting product sales both from Ads themselves and from organic search.

This happens because Amazon’s search algorithm values products that show better and consistent sales (regardless of their source). And of course, their dashboard readily provides the business with up-to-date information on the total impact the advertising campaigns have on both ad sales — and organic sales.

Find the best hours for
your Ads

Dayparting is yet another tool that they use. Make sure that your ads will show with greater accuracy and save your ad’s budget until high-demand hours with the best CTR.

The experts also benefit from the insights into when your product’s demand peaks. This better understanding of buyers allows our managers to fine-tune your product and advertising by gathering information about when and where they’ll have the most impact on your business.

Clear executive reporting
system + Email reports

How is your business doing? How are the sales of your newly launched product? How much did you spend on advertising?

They weekly and monthly business executive advertising reports will keep you up to date with every significant change to your Seller performance. After working with dozens of businesses across almost all of Amazon’s categories, we’ve come up with a lean, straight-to-business, and straightforward report form. You can see this information in your account or get a copy emailed to you every week and every month.

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