Rebaid deliver that start up power to your Amazon listing.

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Sellers can use Rebaid to create and launch Amazon product rebate promotions which are visible to thousands of shoppers.

Rebaid supports ranking techniques such as super URLs and search-find-buy (SFB) steps. They also offer shopper messaging via SMS text messages, which can be used to invite shoppers to follow social media pages or subscribe to newsletters, or to request reviews.


The principals of ranking on Amazon will never change.

You need shoppers to


Find your product


Buy your product


Love your product

Like a big engine, it takes lots of power to start up. But once running, it’s hard to stop.

Rebaid deliver that start up power to your Amazon listing.


Rebaid is not the only rebate platform. But Rebaid the only one that has this.


SMS Text Follow Up

Follow up with shoppers that redeem your offer via SMS Text Message. These messages have 99% open rates (as compared to 22% open rates on email based messaging systems).

Use this message to build a following on your brands social media page, ask for a product review or any other appropriate follow up.

How does it work?

Sign Up

Sign up takes just moments.
Provide basic information including your company name, email and phone number. Then access your Rebaid seller dashboard.

Create a campaign

Create your first campaign in minutes from your Rebaid seller dashboard. Enter basic information including product title, description, URL link to your product, rebate value and units offered.

Fund & Launch

You only pay for the rebates offered on the first day of your campaign. A simple example:
Your product is $10, you’re offering a 50% rebate and 1 unit per day. In this example you would only pay $5 to start.

Get Results!

As shoppers begin redeeming your offer and purchasing your product at full price, your listing begins to move up in Amazon’s search results. As rank improves your listing generates more organic sales and accelerates the pace of rank improvment.

How it work?

Product Description

Submit basic information about your product including picture, description, product ratings and assign a campaign name.

Rebate Offer

Create your rebate offer. Determine the rebate % you would like to offer. Also set the number of rebates available and campaign duration.

Fund & Launch

Just pay for the first day of your campaigns rebates. Your campaign will be live and available to tons of Rebaid shoppers within 2 hours.

How does Rebaid Work?

Watch the video to learn more.
  • Get deals up to 100% Off
  • Discounts applied as rebate payments
  • Receive rebates by mailed check or direct deposit
  • Rebates as quickly as 3 days after purchase
  • Helps small brands get their products discovered

All Purchases made on

Rebaid does not require your credit card information. After you find a great offer you are linked to Amazon® to claim the deal. After purchasing the product you return to Rebaid to confirm your purchase. Once confirmed your rebate is processed and sent to you based on your rebate method preference selected.

3 Simple Steps to Great Deals!

Browse Product Offers

Browse through the hundreds of rebate offers. You can search by product category, discount amount or other search criteria.

Purchase Item on Amazon

After you find a product your interested in simply click to thr product page and select “Claim Offer”. You’ll be taken to Amazon to complete your purchase.

Confirm Purchase

After you complete you purchase on Amazon, return to confirm your purchase. After confirmed your rebate payment will be sent as quickly as 3 days.

How are the discounts so large?

Many brands struggle to be discovered on Amazon due to the huge number of products on their website. The most effective way for them to enhance their popularity on Amazon® is to offer a limited number of shoppers deep discounts. Brands go to Rebaid to advertise these deeply discounted rebate offers.

Can you receive the discount before the order?

The discount must be made as a rebate payment after the order. Rebates are the most effective type of promotion for brands trying to grow their Amazon® sales. Rebaid do however offer super fast 3 business day rebates! So your rebate payment will be deposited into your bank account shortly after your product is delivered if you choose this rebate method.

Browse Products

Browse through hundreds of great product offers with rebate discounts up to 100% of the purchase price.

Buy on Amazon

Simply click the Claim Rebate button on the offer page and you’ll be brought directly to Amazon to make the purchase.

Confirm Rebate

After purchasing the item return to to confirm you’re order number. Once confirmed you’re rebate will be processed.



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