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They make Amazon FBA easier!

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Rite Prep Shipping is an Amazon FBA prep center that preps, stores, and ships goods. They are located in New Hampton, NY, close to Amazon FC AVP1.

Services include: FBA prep, pallet forwarding, box forwarding, FTL and LTL shipping, ecommerce fulfilment and removal return management.

They make Amazon FBA easier!

Let Rite Prep Shipping offer simple and custom pricing. Located in New Hampton, NY. They offer plans starting at $0.45. They are just a few hours away from AVP1. Text, email or call them today. They offer simple/glass prep, box/pallet forwarding, LTL, FTL, E-commerce fulfillment, customs broker and transportation of pallets or containers to their location, and more. They can do more than just FBA shipping. They offer a variety of solutions for your shipping needs.

Rite Prep Shipping

They receive your goods

They welcome all types of sellers, small, medium or big. Retail arbitrage, Online arbitrage, wholesale and private label are all welcome.

Rite Prep Shipping

They prep your goods

Once your product is received, they will prep your products for shipment to Amazon’s fulfillment center. Turnaround time is 2 business days (3 business days during Q4).

Rite Prep Shipping

They ship your goods to Amazon

They are located just a few hours away from Amazon fulfillment center AVP1 which normally receives shipments the following day.

About Rite Prep

They are a prep company based in New Hampton, NY. They have been in the Amazon business since 2015 and understand the ins and outs of prepping and Amazon FBA. Please give them a call or email them to begin doing business with them.

They offer various solutions like standard/glass prep, pallet/box forwarding, LTL, FTL, E-commerce fulfillment, and more.

Let them know what your shipping needs are today so they can offer you the best solution.

A. Create an Amazon sub-account 

In order for them to create shipments and print shipping labels on your behalf, They will need you to create a sub-account in your Amazon seller account giving them limited ability to manage and ship FBA inventory. Please be aware that this process doesn’t let them see your financial information. It gives them limited access so we can print FNSKU and shipment labels for your packages.

Below are the instructions:

1) In your account: Settings > User Permissions

2) Under “Add a user”: admin@rpshipping.com > Send Invitation

3) Amazon will send an invitation to us.

4) Once you have sent your invitation, email them at admin@rpshipping.com, and let them know your Amazon Seller Central name.

5) They will complete the invitation and respond to the email you’ve sent with your Seller Central name.

6) You will then need to add permissions for the account so they can access you shipping plans on amazon

a. Settings > User Permissions > Current Users > admin@rpshipping.com > Manage permissions
b. Under Manage FBA Shipments / Inventory > View/Edit > Continue (You can stop here if you want to create the shipments yourself but let us view it and see how to pack or move on to step c to give us the ability to compile your inventory and create shipments on our own).

c. Enable “view/edit” for Item classification, manage FBA inventory/shipment, manage inventory/add product, and upload inventory. (In addition to step B, do step C to allow them limited permission to create and edit shipments within your Amazon account. Please note that they can only see and edit shipments. This doesn’t give them permission to view or edit your financial information).

See PDF for exactly what to do: HERE

 If you’d like them to use Inventory Lab or any other 3rd party listing tools to create your shipments, they will need sub-account access with ‘List’ privileges in addition to the Amazon sub-account.

B. Creating a shipment (only if step C from number 1 isn’t done)

​Log into your Amazon Seller Central Account and create a Shipping Plan for your next shipment. Only list the products and the quantities, then stop. Your work will be saved by Amazon. Do Not approve shipment.

Please use the Rename function in the upper left-hand corner on the first page of the shipping plan to replace the PLN prefix with a name that will help them identify the correct shipment [e.g., Change PLN (27/4/19 14:24 PM) to RP SHIPPING(27/4/19 12:24PM)].

This will ensure they know the correct order to work on.

Option 2: If you enabled ‘C’ from step 1, you can just ship your products to them and you do not need to do anything further. They will handle the shipments and creation of FNSKU’s from the Amazon sub-account that you gave them access to.

C. Let them know what’s coming and they will handle the rest

Please log in to their inventory management Spreadsheet to fill details for upcoming shipment to them. Then, all you need to do is ship your products to them with the address format below:


C/O Rite Prep Shipping

17 Cannon Hill Dr

Unit 900

New Hampton, NY 10958

Once they receive your inventory they will be ready to pack & process your items. They manage inventory receive and ship on a spreadsheet that looks like this:

D. They will do the rest

They will receive your items into their spreadsheet, create a shipment with your goods, print out your FNSKU labels, prep and pack your goods, print and affix your shipping labels and your goods will be off to an FBA warehouse!

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