Salesbacker is an email automation tool for Amazon sellers.

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Salesbacker can be used to increase reviews and seller feedback. It automatically monitors seller feedback and product reviews, sends email alerts when negative feedback or reviews are received, and tracks. It is an email automation tool for Amazon sellers.

About Salesbacker

Salesbacker was built with e-commerce brand owners in mind. If you’re a brand owner and currently selling on Amazon, then Salesbacker is designed to help you get more product reviews and seller feedback ratings. Simple as that.


Increase reviews and seller feedback

Choose from our pre-built email campaigns designed to get you what you want most: product reviews, seller feedback or both. Set up once and forget it.

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Automatically monitor your seller feedback and product reviews

Receive email alerts when you receive negative seller feedback or product reviews. Provides you an opportunity to thank a customer for their comments or provide good service to disappointed customers.

selesbacker File Attachments

Email File Attachments

Include a PDF or other file with any email that we send to your Amazon customers — great for providing extra value or a bonus to your customers!

Explore Salesbacker Monthly Plans

  • Free 30-day trial with 10,000 emails!
  • After your trial, Salesbacker continues to be free for as long as you send less than 120 emails per month. Paid plans start at just $19/month.
  • No credit card required. Just fill out the form and you’re in!
120 Emails per Month
1,600 Emails per Month
4,000 Emails per Month
16,000 Emails per Month
40,000 Emails per Month
All Premium Features*
All Premium Features*
All Premium Features*
All Premium Features*

Premium Features of Salesbacker

File Attachments in Salesbacker

You can attach a file of up to 7 MB to any emails they send to your Amazon customers.

Email Alerts

They will send you an email notification whenever you receive feedback on Amazon that is below the threshold you specify in your Salesbacker account.


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Free 30-day trial with 10,000 emails!

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