Shopkeeper is a profit dashboard. It tracks sales, calculates profit and forecasts inventory.

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Shopkeeper is a profit dashboard. It tracks sales, calculates profit and forecasts inventory.

It helps answer questions like how many units to reorder, which ASINs are losing money, which variations are performing better, how much sales tax will have to be paid, and how much each refunded item costs.

Most Amazon sellers hate combining 72 types of fees from Seller Central spreadsheets, to check if their products are profitable.

They do aggregating for you, so you can focus on making important decisions based on this data, to grow your Amazon business.

Shopkeeper analytics and reordering


Profit Tracking

Calculates your profits, margins, includes ppc, storage fees, sales tax and all other expenses.


Inventory Forecast

Helps you decide how many units to reorder and when, takes seasonality into account.


Business Dashboard

Has widgets with most important metrics – best sellers, growth curve, overall profit margin, inventory value.

Learning Resources

Features a Big List of Amazon Software Tools and a list of Amazon Podcasters and Influencers to follow.

What will you mainly use this app for?

To check your daily sales and keep an eye on your profit margin:


Will it add up all Amazon Fees? .. PPC Costs? .. Sales Tax?

Yes, yes and yes. And more.


Manufacturing Costs

 Shipping Costs 

Inspection Costs

 Import Taxes

 Amazon Referral Fees 

Amazon Fulfillment Fees 

PPC Costs for Sponsored Ads 

PPC Costs for Headline Ads

 FBA One Warehouse Fee 

Sales Tax (VAT, HST, etc)

 Inventory Reimbursements 

Damaged & Lost Reimbursements

 Refunds and Refund Fees

 Amazon Shipping Promos

 Your Custom Promos 

FBA Monthly Storage Fees 

FBA Long Term Storage Fees 

Early Reviewer Program Fees 

Lightning Deal Fees

 Coupon Redemption Fees



If you sell in multiple Amazon countries. How will report look like?

You can compare profits in all countries side by side, in your chosen currency.

(instead of having to compare GBP to EUR to USD amounts)


Why is Shopkeeper better than other Profit Dashboards?

Because it’s SIMPLE.

Other apps look like busy spreadsheets – it’s not easy to quickly check how your sales are going.

With Shopkeeper, you can just give it one glance:


Make decisions based on your data. What kind of decisions?

Sure, here’s an example.

Let’s say you changed nothing about your listing, but Shopkeeper shows that your profit suddenly decreased by €3:


You click on Breakdown to investigate.

And you discover that FBA fees went from €6.91 ..

.. to €9.99!

You double check the delivery addresses on Seller Central and see that customers are in the same country where you stock your EU inventory.

Ok, so it can’t be the EFN (cross-border) fee, which would have been included in FBA fee.z

Then you make a decision to raise your prices for this product.
Without Shopkeeper, you may have not even noticed that something changed.
With Shopkeeper, you can identify issues that are affecting your profit and act on them quickly.

What about Inventory?

Shopkeeper will help you decide exactly when and how many units to re-order:

shopkeeper inventory

What else is cool?

Many Things! For example, there is a widget on the dashboard, showing your inventory value:

shopkeeper dashboard

Why is your app called Shopkeeper?

Because every shopkeeper keeps track of sales, profit & inventory. So does this app.



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