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Shutter Stream is product photography capture software from iconasys. The software integrates image editing and processing tools to maximize workflow efficiencies.

This uses a camera tethered to a computer through USB in order to control camera hardware commands through mouse clicks. Images are composed by adjusting camera exposure settings while viewing a real-time preview on the monitor screen.

This is a 360 adds an automated 360 degree shooting mode, 360 degree composition tools and video capture.

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software

Shutter Stream

Product Photography Software Overview

How much time and money are you spending on product photography? Outsourcing to professionals can become very costly while shooting images in-house can often be a large strain on internal resources. Whether you’re shooting product photography for eCommerce, Amazon, eBay or any application, Shutter Stream provides a better workflow that is designed to save you time and money. How it Works

The idea for Shutter Stream Product Photography Software was to develop a program that integrated every part of the photography workflow (taking pictures, editing, resizing, renaming, and saving) into a single, stand-alone application. They spent over 2 years designing and developing what has now become the ultimate product photography workflow software. ShutterStream has been proven to increase efficiencies by up to 800% while providing users with little or no photography experience, the ability to output high quality results. Software Features

The software is designed for shooting objects of any size from jewelry to apparel to furniture in a studio and can be used with any existing product photography lighting or with an Iconasys product photography lighting kit.

Current customers are saving hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars per year since using Shutter Stream. If you are looking to create high quality product images in seconds, This Product Photography Software is the perfect tool for you. Product Photography Software Overview Video

Why Shutter Stream Product Photography Software?

Save Time & Money

Eliminate time consuming tasks common to the product photography workflow. In seconds users can Compose, Capture, Edit & Process product images in a single, stand alone application.

Unparalleled Efficiencies

Shutter Stream has streamlined the product photography Capture, Editing and Processing workflow. No more image uploading, sorting, and importing to a 3rd party application for processing and editing. Refined workflows will increase efficiencies up to 800%.

Enable Users of Any Skill Level

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software includes intuitive features that enable users to capture, edit and output high quality product images. The program is designed to cater to users of any skill level.

Alleviate Costly Employees

By enabling any employee on staff, This Product Photography Software allows business to use internal resources more wisely. It is no longer required to dedicate highly skilled, costly employees to handle product photography.

High Quality, Consistent Results

Shutter Stream includes features and workflow tools that will ensure high quality, consistent results every time. The easy to use Image Editing Tools can further enhance product image quality.


Shutter Stream Product Photography Software is affordable. It is an investment in workflow excellence that will easily be recouped in time & money savings. Enabling anyone to output high quality product images adds additional value.


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