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Visible Supply Chain Management

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TriCon Logistics provides storage, pick, pack and ship services. All activities are tracked to provide visibility and inventory management capabilities through an online portal.

TriCon Logistics Services include flexible racking configuration, instant visibility of received products, proactive supplier management, direct interface from order systems, and product kitting.

What TriCon Logistics Do?

TriCon Logistics


TriCon provides expert domestic and global air freight solutions, whether you need your product shipped next week or on the next flight out.

TriCon Logistics


They offer a vast range of services supported by a sophisticated Transportation Management System (TMS) and extensive program optimization experience. Quote, compare and book LTL shipments online using ReCon LTL.

TriCon Logistics


Take advantage of their shipping contracts for schedule and rate flexibility, maximum valuex and dependability for every shipment.

Warehousing & Distribution

Distribution and value-added services are efficiently managed within TriCon’s integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS). They create sustainable value through an extensive menu of distribution services, sophisticated processes and on-site expertise.

Customs Brokerage

Their licensed customs brokers offer a complete range of services and consultation to expedite customs clearance, manage duty obligations and assist you with classification and compliance challenges.

TriCon Logistics

Business Management Solutions

Leverage their sophisticated tools to access the data you need, when and how you need it.

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