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Inventory management software designed for Indian businesses

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Zoho Inventory tracks inventory when stock is received and orders are dispatched. Order management features include real-time shipping rates and stock location tracking.

Zoho Inventory connects to Amazon, Etsy, eBay and a range of shopping carts and payment services. Inventory levels are synchronized to help avoid stock-outs.

Inventory management software designed for Indian businesses

Manage orders. Track inventory. Handle GST billing. Oversee warehouses. One inventory management software to run all your inventory operations.

What makes Zoho Inventory GST Compliant

Zoho Inventory


Keep a central record of the GSTIN for the registered businesses and save time from manually entering it every time.

  • Save GSTIN of customers and vendors
  • GSTIN gets added in the documents automatically
  • Documents like invoice, bills, sales and purchase orders
Zoho Inventory

Add HSN or SAC codes

You can add your HSN or SAC code for the items you sell or service you offer and stay compliant with the GST norms.

  • Add HSN or SAC when you add an item or service
  • Select the item while creating an invoice or an order
  • Use our free HSN/SAC code finder tool
Zoho Inventory

Generate GST-compliant invoices

Create invoices which will help you to get paid on time and also be ready for the GST requirements.

  • Convert sales order to invoices in easy steps
  • Designed to meet the 16 mandatory requirements issued by the CBEC
Zoho Inventory

Automate tax calculation

When you prepare a sales order, the CGST, IGST or SGST rates get calculated automatically, saving you time and manual calculations.

  • Select the tax preference
  • Mention the tax rate
  • The applicable taxes will get calculated automatically
Zoho Inventory

Create e-Way bills

You can create an e-Way bill with all the information about the transport company while you create an invoice.

  • You can also create it for credit note and delivery challan
  • See the step-by-step e-Way bill creation process.
Delivery Challan | Zoho Inventory

Issue Delivery Challan

Delivery challans created in Zoho Inventory follow all the GST format requirements, and the item details are auto-filled automatically during creation.

  • Select the customer name
  • Decide the challan number and type
  • Select the item details

From MSMEs to large-scale corporations, Zoho Inventory supports all businesses

Order management

Handle all your sales and purchases activities, manage invoices and bills, and track payments. Zoho Inventory also helps you monitor packages and shipments to keep your deliveries on time.

Warehouse management

You can control your stock in different warehouses or godowns centrally from Zoho Inventory. Track item movements, transfer items within warehouses, and generate warehouse-specific reports.

Barcode scanning

Zoho Inventory is compatible with different types of barcode scanners which makes it easy to set up a barcode system and add SKUs, serial and batch numbers, and items to sales and purchase orders.


Sell on Shopify or Etsy, integrate with Zoho CRM and Zoho Books, and receive payment online via PayPal or Razorpay—there is a wide range of integrations to support your business.

Inventory tracking

You can keep track of spare parts, saleable items, and even expiry dates with the serial and batch tracking feature of Zoho Inventory.


Know your inventory aging, vendor payments, sales details and inventory valuation from a range of reports which can be generated, downloaded and shared easily.

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