topShelf from Scout Inc. is an inventory, supply chain, and warehouse management software application coordinated with accounting, logistics software, and ecommerce stages.

topShelf upholds email consumption and replenishment cautions, altered forecasting, nitty gritty reporting, order approval, cell phones and different warehouses.

Get visibility & validation on orders going out the door

Help your people never pick the wrong thing using the ground-breaking and convenient TopShelf Inventory Management Software. Best of all, it works with your current software applications.


topShelf Works Anytime, Anywhere.

A reliable inventory software system such as topShelf helps you do just that. Having all the information you need at a glance not only increases efficiency, but saves you time, money, and energy. 

3 great ways this inventory software management system helps business growth:


Inventory Integrity & Control

You will always know exactly what you have in stock and what items you’re running low on with topShelf. Only a click away, you can access this information from any tablet, mobile barcode scanner, or smartphone. A unique, complete mobile solution, you’ll be able to stay on top of all inventory regardless of size.

With topShelf, you’ll be able to print a detailed product barcode. You can manage assets, bins, or SKU numbers for multiple warehouse locations.

With this Cloud-based application, you’ll always be aware of what’s going on in your business. Get topShelf today!

Product Accuracy & Validation Every Time

The validation process ensures orders go out on time and are packed correctly. It verifies and validates all receiving, pick, and pack functions. This leads to satisfied clients.


Save Time & Grow Revenue

You can access topShelf directly through the cloud. This software decreases errors by increasing efficiency and keeping you updated with every step in the inventory process. You’ll be alerted when running low on a product immediately. This prevents future problems like being unable to fulfill an order or shipping late.

You can complete warehouse transfers with the click of a button.

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Total Fulfilment is a UK-based organization that offers fulfillment services to organizations, of all sizes considered. All orders are twofold scan checked and have video footage recorded. Custom picking/packing applications are upheld and a live dashboard with itemized request data is given.

The Full Package

From start up online retailers to established international wholesalers with their order fulfilment services – they store your goods, pick your orders and ship to your customers.

Total Fulfilment takes all the frustration out of your order fulfilment operation.

Total Fulfilment

They receive and store your merchandise

Over 12,000 pallet spaces in a secure controlled fulfilment warehouse environment.

Total Fulfilment

They pick, pack & process your orders

Their pick and pack services ensure fast processing by their dedicated warehouse team following all your packing requirements.

Total Fulfilment

They quality check & ship your order

Their fulfilment company has established connections with the largest couriers, guaranteeing you the best possible rates & service.


With their live dashboard, fulfilment updates appear instantly ensuring you know exactly what’s happening with your customer’s orders. Easily manage your order fulfilment requirements with live order updates that keep you in the know; on demand, any time, anywhere.

Industry-Leading Pick and Pack Warehousing

Their efficient warehouse operations are second to none. Their industry-leading pick and pack services ensure your package will be out the door in no time.

Pricing Details:

Contact the website for more pricing details.

Customers Supported:
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TradePort Returns Managed provides a full outsourced ecommerce returns management solution. The suite of services includes testing/refurbishment, product resale, and Amazon FBA removal automation.

TradePort Returns Managed The process covers receiving, with detailed reports accessible via a web portal; audit, providing physical inspection and functionality testing; merchandising, where return items are resold via multiple sales channels; and pick/pack/ship, providing order fulfillment to the customer.


Complete Amazon Returns Solution including FBA removal automation, returns depot, vendor returns, testing, resale, and cloud based auditing.

TradePort Returns Managed


TradePort’s Reverse Synergistics Service™ is all about partnering with you where and when you need it.

TradePort Returns Managed


For a decade, TradePort has offered an outsourcing service for asset recovery, third-party logistics, and reverse logistics for consumer electronics.

TradePort Returns Managed


TradePort has implemented LEAN manufacturing principles. They have streamlined our operations, increased value, and reduced waste. The result is that TradePort has decreased costs and increased customer value. An increase in efficiency translates to a better ROI for their partners.

TradePort Returns Managed

Pricing Details:

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TriCon Logistics provides storage, pick, pack and ship services. All activities are tracked to provide visibility and inventory management capabilities through an online portal.

TriCon Logistics Services include flexible racking configuration, instant visibility of received products, proactive supplier management, direct interface from order systems, and product kitting.

What TriCon Logistics Do?

TriCon Logistics


TriCon provides expert domestic and global air freight solutions, whether you need your product shipped next week or on the next flight out.

TriCon Logistics


They offer a vast range of services supported by a sophisticated Transportation Management System (TMS) and extensive program optimization experience. Quote, compare and book LTL shipments online using ReCon LTL.

TriCon Logistics


Take advantage of their shipping contracts for schedule and rate flexibility, maximum valuex and dependability for every shipment.

Warehousing & Distribution

Distribution and value-added services are efficiently managed within TriCon’s integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS). They create sustainable value through an extensive menu of distribution services, sophisticated processes and on-site expertise.

Customs Brokerage

Their licensed customs brokers offer a complete range of services and consultation to expedite customs clearance, manage duty obligations and assist you with classification and compliance challenges.

TriCon Logistics

Business Management Solutions

Leverage their sophisticated tools to access the data you need, when and how you need it.

Pricing Details:

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Customers Supported:
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UK Fulfilment stores stock and processes orders for ecommerce sellers.

Features an inventory management system that integrates directly with sales channels and marketplace management tools.


UK Fulfilment
Multiple Carrier Options

They partner with the couriers to bring you a wide range of options to ship your goods. With volumes come efficiencies which also means they can offer competitive shipping costs for you.

UK Fulfilment Shipping Reviews
Same Day Despatch*

Their fast turnaround pick and pack operation means they can dispatch orders the same day they are placed by your customers

UK Fulfilment Shipping
Multi Channel Fulfilment

Their system links to your eBay, Amazon and website to allow them to automatically download and process orders from all your sales channels without the need for manual downloads or file transfers.

UK Fulfilment Reviews Pricing
Amazon – Seller Fulfilled Prime

UK Fulfilment can offer you the order processing and label generation functionality to ensure you comply with Amazon SFP metrics

Subscription Box Services

As well as fulfilment, they have full co-packing facilities so they can put together your monthly subscription boxes from raw components before they ship them out to your subscribers

Pricing Details:

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Customers Supported:
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USA Fulfillment is a fulfillment and customer support outsourcing company based in Maryland, USA.

The company is experienced in ecommerce, and handles specialty categories including nutritional supplements, health and beauty, and gifts. Services include warehousing, pick and pack order processing, and returns management.

USA Fulfillment


USA Fulfillment supports e-commerce, B2C and B2B clients across a diverse range of industries. They are small package specialists.

Their clients rely on them to help manage their mission-critical supply chain. Detailed real-time reporting lets you monitor tangible results. And those increases you’ll see in sales and customer lifetime value… those are real results, too. The kind you can get only from a fulfillment process designed to enhance your customers’ experience.

They are a fully-compliant, certified Level 1 PCI facility, and they are FDA-registered. Their core services include:

Any fulfillment company can store inventory and ship boxes. Any contact center can take orders and provide customer service.


Fulfillment is a complex process. The logistics have to be spot-on, to ensure the system flows smoothly and efficiently from call center to warehouse to customer. One major concern with any 3rd party logistics arrangement is always safety and security. Your inventory is potentially at risk, and so is company and customer data. Who can you trust?

At USA Fulfillment, they are logistics experts. But it’s their high touch business philosophy that sets us apart. They are the 3rd party logistics partner you can trust to help you increase brand loyalty. How?

3PL Fulfillment

3PL fulfillment may be the last segment in your supply chain, but it has a major impact on how customers perceive your company. Think about it — the fulfillment packer is the last person to touch your product(s) before your customer receives their package. Delivering the right product, to the right person, at the right time is crucial to your success.

USA’s 3PL Benefits

The3PL solutions give you:

So keep doing what you do best — acquiring customers with your great products. Let them focus on 3PL. Turn your 3PL over to them and together they will extend their lifetime value for you. Now that’s a 3PL partnership you can take to the bank.

Pricing Details:

Contact the website for more pricing details.

Customers Supported:
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Whistl Fulfilment provides order fulfilment services to brands and retailers. From small, growing ecommerce owners to global brands.

Whistl Fulfilment also provides contact center support, including customer services and telemarketing.

Fulfilment services for established businesses, providing a high-quality, seamless experience from the first click to final delivery. 

Save time and money

With an increase in product and sales orders, Whistl’s outsourced order fulfilment services centralise all your fulfilment needs, helping you focus on growing your business.

Enhanced customer experience

They have the flexibility to create the right warehouse management systems or multi-channel integrations to create transparency and automation of orders and stock movement.

Import solutions

Their tailored and flexible solutions allow them to manage all of your product order needs, including direct from manufacturer import orders, with customs clearance.

Why choose Whistl for your outsourced order fulfilment services?

Whistl’s outsourced order fulfilment services are tailored to support established brands and businesses receiving a minimum of 300 product orders a day. Whistl’s outsourced fulfilment solutions and managed support to ensure product orders are delivered out to your end customers, on time for increased loyalty.

Whistl is the perfect order fulfilment partner for established brands and businesses. As a multi-channel fulfilment company, they can support all of your fulfilment order needs, from business to consumer, business to business and even drop-shipping. They create a partnership approach, with their flexible IT support and integrations ensuring transparency of stock and batch control.

With four national fulfilment locations and a combined capacity of over 700,000 square feet, they are the right partner to support your business and order growth. Their full account management support, combined with their cost efficiencies throughout the fulfilment process, delivers a fulfilment solution that fits your business needs.

Their Fulfilment Process

Whistl Fulfilment

Goods arrive at their fulfilment centre

Whistl Fulfilment

Systems & Technology

Whistl Fulfilment

Pick & Pack Service

Whistl Fulfilment

Dispatch & Distribution

Items Delivered

Returns Management

Pricing Details:

Contact the website for more pricing details

Customers Supported:
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CTK USA is a full-service logistics company for ecommerce businesses, based in Ontario. They provide fulfillment, order management, shipping and tracking, return merchandise authorization and FBA prep.


Custom Logistics Solutions

CTK USA Logistics is a full-service logistics company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. CTK’s newly re-designed facility is strategically located just minutes away from the Ontario airport and has multiple direct routes to the Long Beach Port. They focus on providing customized services to their customers while always maintaining the highest level of service at the lowest possible cost. From larger corporations to start-ups, the ability to mix their logistics, marketing, and sales groups allows them to provide some of the most competitive rates in the market while maintaining the high quality service you come to expect from CTK USA.

Why CTK Logistics?

At CTK USA they don’t believe in a one plan fits all approach. Each customer and their business gets treated with custom solutions. Their customers and professional partnerships range from larger corporations to start-ups. The ability to mix their logistics, in-house marketing and sales group allows them to provide some of the most competitive rates in the market. Their goal is always to maintain some of the most competitive rates in the market while providing the high quality service and results you come to expect from CTK USA.

B2B & B2C Solutions






Who is CTK?

CTK USA is the next generation of Logistic services. Their  experience of 20+ years, know-how strategic planning and quality service to the customer gives them the ability to introduce the next step of Logistic services. 


At CTK Solutions They don’t believe in handing out a price sheet and have you pick from their services. Every project and partner gets treated with a custom approach. They understand that every business and its status will be different.

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Ordoro acts as a central hub for shipping and inventory, streamlining the fulfillment workflow and helping to manage orders and products for multichannel businesses.



Ordoro is your one-stop app for shipping orders from each of your sales channels.

Batch print labels in a couple clicks, select shipping carriers to get products from shelf to doorstep, and also secure cost-effective USPS shipping rates with discounts of up to 67%. Once orders are on the way, They’ll push back tracking numbers to your storefronts and customers.


Ordoro act as a control center for all matters inventory.

Plug in each of your channels, create kits, assign UPC barcodes to SKUs, issue purchase orders when product’s getting low, and go about your business as Ordoro automatically tracks, syncs, and updates your inventory quantities with every fulfilled order.


Dropshipping is about ease, and our app delivers on that.

Ordoro is equipped with multiple dropshipping methods — manually or automatically route dropship requests to your vendors, allow dropshippers to fulfill orders within the app themselves through our Vendor Portal, or effortlessly relay dropshipments their way through a custom API integration.


Ordoro order management systems

Ordoro embrace an auto-centric approach to operations. Whether you’re tackling shipping or inventory, Ordoro is packed with automated features that optimize your workflow. Printing shipping labels? Set up Shipping Presets and Automation Rules. Dropshipping? Auto-route your orders. Aligning product count across storefronts? Enjoy auto-sync.


Ordoro shipping and fulfillment

As they collect your orders in one place, the same goes for business insights. Through their Advanced Analytics, Ordoro tracks and visualizes a multitude of data, from financial information like revenue and shipping costs to interesting insights like top-selling regions, products, and customers.

Create Shipping Labels

Quickly create shipping labels — and branded packing lists — in triple-digit batches within a couple clicks. And as you print, streamline your workflow even more with their direct-to-printer option, a way of sending labels to your printer in a jiffy. No more PDFs and additional clicks!

Automate Away!

Accelerate your process by configuring Shipping Presets that auto-fill shipping parameters when creating labels. Or go a step further and establish Automation Rules that act on orders the second they arrive.

Keep Your Orders in Order !

As you import orders into Ordoro, automatically or manually assign filterable tags and search to view the status and activity of every shipment, all within a single interface. The app also auto-audits your orders, documenting actions and showing a timeline for each.

Customers Supported:
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 FlexOMS is fully PCI-compliant, and provides real-time integrations with in-house or third-party systems.

FlexOMS is an omni-channel, real-time order management system integrated with shopping carts and back-end operations.


Flexibility is key to handling your customer orders, from initial acquisition to final order fulfillment and beyond. Streamline your order processing by taking orders from all channels, managing inventory, processing payments, and fulfillment of the order.



Create a Seamless Customer Experience

FlexOMS™ helps you streamline and improve your operations through a multi-channel, full-featured platform. From order inflow and address standardization to inventory allocation, payment authorization, order disbursement and shipment, FlexOMS™ offers everything you need in a single platform.


Seamlessly manage and maintain visibility into every channel.

FlexOMS™ uses a unified customer database for real-time, consolidated views of transactional information across channels.

FlexOMS Shipping and Fulfillment
FlexOMS order management systems


Customizable to suit your needs.

The modular system design allows maximum flexibility to integrate seamlessly with existing tools and systems or supply an end-to-end solution.


FlexOMS™ grows with your business and your customer base.

Whether your business has one product or thousands, one business model or many, SFG’s flexible order management system has the business rule sets to manage your order flows and customer information as your business grows.




FlexOMS™ integrates with your front-end shopping cart and back-end operations — whether they are in-house or outsourced.

Simplified Management

Maintain storage locations, inventory levels, pick/pack and shipping instructions seamlessly throughout the entire process.


Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Handle the allocation of your inventory, oversee backorder options in real time, and set minimum and reorder triggers, regardless of location.


Process Payments Securely

Robust security measures protect sensitive customer details and payment information and keep you compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.


Know Your Customers

Maintain a 360-degree view of your customers for an in-depth view of the customer journey from click to ship.


Spot and Correct Errors

FlexOMS™ can automatically spot and revise errors in customer shipping addresses so shipments make it to the correct recipient.


Keep Customers in the Loop

FlexOMS™ automatically sends notification emails to let customers know when their orders have shipped, and when they can expect delivery.


Expert Shipping

They use only top-notch and trusted shipping vendors for order distribution, so orders arrive undamaged and on time.

Pricing Details :

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