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ByteStand automatically pulls product data including variants, hi-res images, prices and full product descriptions directly into the Shopify admin section. There is no manual entry, just one click.

Shopify inventory levels and prices are kept in sync with inventory at Amazon.

ByteStand is a set of magical tools designed by unicorns to make you richer, thinner and smarter. No, it’s not.

ByteStand is actually a friendly software development company designed by ecommerce nerds who get excited about weird things like “cross platform integrations” and “fulfillment networks” and “coffee”.

What is Amazon Import & Sync by ByteStand?

With just a couple clicks Amazon Import & Sync by ByteStand moves and maintains your inventory from Amazon to your Shopify store. And yes, by inventory we do mean variations, images and descriptions too. There is no manual entry of anything, just one click and we take care of the rest.


High-res images, parent-child relationships, inventory quantities, full descriptions – all of it.


Keep your inventory quantities, prices, edits and everything else in sync.


Import all your products quickly and automatically with no manual data entry.


You sell on Amazon’s marketplace and you already leverage the world class warehousing and order fulfillment of Amazon. The next step is to use these Amazon super powers on your own Shopify site. Amazon Import & Sync by ByteStand helps you do just that by pulling in your current inventory and listing it on your Shopify store.


Variations, categories, and high res images? We provide them all. Amazon Import & Sync by ByteStand pushes to Shopify all the information you require to build out each and every product from your inventory on Amazon. Do you carry 42 styles of linens, or 312 colors of v-neck t-shirts? No worries here, as long as you can click once and wait 5 – 8 minutes, your store will be filled with all your products.

How easy is Amazon Import & Sync by ByteStand?

When you install Amazon Import & Sync by ByteStand it embeds into your Shopify admin. So all you have to do to pull 10 or 10,000 SKUs is to click “pull” and then “push”. Within minutes your store will be populated with complete listings including high resolution images, full descriptions and all your variations. Amazon Import & Sync by ByteStand also maintains your Shopify store going forward. As your inventory changes and prices are updated, Amazon Import & Sync by ByteStand will continue to keep everything perfectly in sync.

How easy is FBA Shipping?

FreshCredit automatically installs a small button at the top of the customer’s account page. After clicking on this button shoppers see their outstanding store credit and are asked how much they would like to redeem today. Customers, after clicking the store credit button or entering their account page, are shown this pop-up. The pop-up is designed in a dark grey to match any theme, includes large easy to read text, and is simple enough that all ages can easily redeem their store credit.

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