Easily get your Products into Amazon, eBay and more

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magnalister connects shopping carts with sales channels including marketplaces and price comparison engines.

magnalister uploads listings, imports orders, synchronizes order status and manages orders for multiple channels from one central location.

Easily get your Products into Amazon, eBay and more

Managing your inventory, products and bills across Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces
can make running your shop seem like a nightmare. Its makes it easy.

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Listing your products on different marketplaces like eBay or Amazon normally means, to insert them manually, or to use different tools for each platform.
With magnalister, your web-shop becomes a central product and data management software – uploading products, importing orders or synchronizing stock and prices – more or less automatically. Couldn’t be easier.


  1. Upload items directly from your shop to the marketplaces.
  2. Automatically import orders from the marketplaces.
  3. Synchronize order status between shop and marketplace.
  4. Manage orders, invoices and inventory centrally.
  5. Use the hook-point-system for individual expansions.


You don’t need experience with data processing to get the most out of magnalister. With so many formats, interfaces and orders, it’s normal to have some difficulty, but magnalister really delivers on the promise of brilliant support.



Reach more customers easily: If magnalister is already integrated with your shop, you can register straight away and activate magnalister. If it’s not yet installed, download and install the software — or let us install it.


Installation / Register

Register with your email address to activate it. In the next step you will receive all the necessary information by e-mail.


Installation / Activate

Log in to our website with the details from your registration e-mail to activate magnalister. Complete your profile and decide which marketplaces you want to connect to your shop.

Installation / Download

If magnalister is not yet installed, click DOWNLOAD below. Choose your shop system and install.


Increase your reach without increasing your work: Combining sales from Amazon and eBay with smaller marketplaces and niche suppliers is a great way to grow your shop. Normally this is difficult, time consuming and rarely worth it – but with magnalister all it takes is a click. These are the marketplaces you could be reaching, with no extra effort.

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