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Prestozon provides automated bid suggestions and focused analytics for Amazon PPC ads.

The suggested bids are customized for each keyword. Users can click to accept the suggestion and Prestozon will make the change in Seller Central.

Other features include a complete bid history and performance charts per keyword, reallocation of ad spend from bad keywords to good ones, and easier identification of negative keywords from search terms.

The Most Powerful Amazon Advertising Software


An Amazon Advertising Partner

  Bid Optimization


Don’t Lose Valuable Bid History

Bid suggestions and automation take your bid history into account. This means that instead of averaging performance across bids, Prestozon analyzes how a keyword performs at each bid and makes a precise suggestion. Choose to review each custom keyword suggestion or automatically apply them.


Custom Keyword Rules

Find and Move New Keywords

Customize the algorithms to search for profitable or costly search terms across campaigns and create those keywords or negatives right in Prestozon. No more digging in Search Term Reports! We remove the tedious tasks so you can focus on your strategy. Easily shift ad spend from bad keywords to profitable ones.

1-Click Setup

Setup Tool for Campaigns and Rules

Use our groundbreaking turnkey campaign structure setup tool, 1-Click Setup. Specify your SKUs and budgets and let us set up your campaigns and keyword-movement rules in a structure that facilitates search term isolation. (Learn more about search term isolation.)

 Keyword Suggestions


Suggestions for Keywords and Negatives

Automated analysis of every search term generates custom suggestions for negatives and new keywords. Fresh suggestions are made as soon as a keyword gathers enough data.

Powerful Analytics


Powerful and Flexible Analytics

Clear, consolidated analytics help you drill down from the big picture to the most specific search terms. Consolidate data across any ad groups and campaigns, enabling better and faster decisions.

Broad Amazon Support


Global Support for Amazon

Support for Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display ads, all with a global reach: Prestozon works in all marketplaces with Amazon API support including Europe, UK, Canada, India, Japan, and the US.



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