nChannel Supply Chain Management

Integrate your operational systems. Grow your business without the growing pains.

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nChannel’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) app gives retailers, wholesalers, and suppliers the ability to manage orders.

Businesses can implement dynamic order routing workflows, and manage drop shipping efficiently. nChannel SCM reconciles financial terms with suppliers and distributors, and helps retailers provide advanced fulfillment techniques, like in-store collection.

Supply Chain Management

Your supply chain is the lifeblood of your business. How you source products from suppliers impacts your success in multichannel selling.

Keeping a pulse on suppliers improves your cash flow. Know how much they charge and when they ship. Use advanced sourcing and fulfillment techniques to provide competitive customer experiences. You do not want to leave the supplier-side part of your business to chance.

The nChannel Supply Chain Management (SCM) App gives you all the tools you need to manage the supplier side of your operation. Improve your financial health, and build a foundation for a strong customer experience.

  • Split and route orders to optimize fulfillment
  • Manage multiple suppliers or fulfillment locations
  • Perform drop shipping without losing control of orders
  • Reconcile payment terms, purchase orders, and shipping notifications
  • Improve the financial health of your company


Order Management

Get better visibility into where your orders are, who is fulfilling them, and their statuses. Stop matching up records from separate systems or trying to reconcile paper forms.

  • Split orders to multiple fulfillment locations.
  • Managing multiple suppliers to optimize sourcing.
  • Dynamically route orders to the most efficient supplier.

Drop Ship Orders

Drop shipping orders can have a huge positive financial impact for your company, but you must have the tools to do it right.

  • Drop ship orders directly to suppliers.
  • Reconcile shipping information, purchase orders, and payment terms (three-way match).
  • Safeguard the financial health of your company.

Improve Customer Experience

To provide an exceptional customer service, your internal systems must work well. Make sure that they do.

  • Improve accuracy of shipping notifications
  • Get products into the customer’s hand faster
  • Build a foundation for providing a customer experience that stands out against competitors

Solutions To Help You Grow

Sell more products in more channels. Integrate your operational systems. Grow your business without the growing pains.

Supply Chain Management

Inventory Synchronization

Sync inventory across channels in real time.

Supply Chain Management

Multichannel Order Management

Centralize orders and fulfillment for all channels.

Supply Chain Management

Integrate your entire supply chain for efficiency.

Customer Experience Management

Create intuitive experiences for your customers.

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