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AmzDataStudio extricates the specific backend search terms utilized in listings on and global Amazon marketplaces. AmzDataStudio Sellers can discover the keywords utilized by their rivals and use them in their own listings, saving time researching keywords. A 100% precision ensure is given.

Helps Boost Your Amazon Sales

Product Research

Find profitable product ideas with high demand and low competition. See the real weekly sales data & trend of any product.

Keyword Research

Find any product’s real backend search terms, top-ranked and sales-generating keywords, ads keywords with the lowest ACoS.

Tracking Tools

Track your product’s keyword ranking progress, ads ranking changes and monitoring your negative reviews.

Free Tools

Free Amazon listing builder, description HTML converter, index checker, rank tracker and so much more handy tools!

What Makes It Better Than The Other Keyword Trackers?

Accurate Tracking with All Variants

If you are using some of the other tracking tools, you may find it showing “Not Ranked” for a keyword that you are actually ranked for. This is because your ranked ASIN for that keyword is different from the ASIN you tracked.

You can use the “Rank ASIN” filter to easily see which ASIN is ranked for which keywords.

Compare Ranking with Your Competitors

Monitor not only your product’s current keyword ranking, but also up to 10 competitors right alongside. Spy on your competitors’ rankings with ease.

Now you’ll be able to see where you and your competitors are securing and losing sales with the most comprehensive keyword rank tracker on the market!

AmzDataStudio - Reviews and Pricing

Compare Trend of Multiple Keywords

Let’s compare their ranking changes in 1 graph and see which method is performing the best!

Track Your Amazon Choice Badge

The “Amazon Choice” badge can significantly improve your product’s click through rate and sales.

Now you can simply add all your keywords to the tracking list and they will help you find those “Amazon Choice” keywords automatically.

AmzDataStudio - Reviews and Pricing
AmzDataStudio - Reviews and Pricing

Ranking Changes & Page Changes

Their tool tracks not only your keyword ranking position but also the ranking page. You can use the built-in filter to easily identify keywords which have an improvement or drop on the ranking page and take action quickly.

Favorite, Add Notes & Filter with Ease

You can use the 3 built-in filter boxes to find the keywords you want fast from the hundreds of keywords in your tracking list.

AmzDataStudio - Reviews and Pricing

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